In what way to move a safe !

A safe is a difficult  item to move because of its dimensions and weight. If you haven’t and came here to find some help, you’re at the right place! Therefore there is a couple of things you need to know about safe moving, and we at Intermove Bosnia are happy to teach you a proper way on how to move such a tricky item. At the end of your safe relocation you will mention us because without a proper and systematic way on how to do such a move you will only give yourself a headache. So, Intermove Bosnia moving and relocation service located in Sarajevo are happy to assist you.

Can you move a safe on your own?

A heavy safe is designed to protect your personal belongings from burglars or thieves, and because of that, it is difficult to move a safe. And oddly shaped, heavy and bulky items usually need a special approach when it comes to moving them to another place. If a safe is in an office, you can simply call some professional mover  like us at Intermove Bosnia and they will do all the work for you. But, if you have a safe at your house and need to move it, you surely need some additional help. As mentioned, some household items are really easy to handle, while others require special attention and sometimes professional assistance. You can rely on us and our knowledge as professional movers to give you a piece of advice on this.

Tips for moving a home safe !

The challenge and the process of moving is much greater when it comes to heavy loads, such as a safe or cash register.

Classical relocation involves the transport of things such as furniture, while items weighing more than regular fall into the heavy goods category. Safes are not the only items in the “heavyweight” category. Those are also stoves, various industrial machines, refrigerators, all kinds of pianos, etc. Also, moving a chandelier can be tricky as it needs to be dissembled first, moved, and then put up again.

But if  you own a home safe, have in mind the following advices if you decide to move it on by yourself. However, we strongly encourage you to call professional movers to help you. Please see bellow for the mentioned advices.

  1.  Make safety your number one priority. First of all take good care of the people involved in the move, and only then think about the security of your safe. 
  2. Make sure the safe is empty and prepare it for the moving day. Bear in mind that small portable safes containing documents or money can be put in sturdy, secure, metal moving boxes. Those boxes can accommodate valuable and expensive items during the move. However, an empty safe is more comfortable to move and maneuver, so make sure you remove everything from your safe.
  3. Pack content separately and ensure maximum safety and protection throughout the move. You can ask movers for help. Of course, it is highly recommended to take all the valuables securely with you.
  4. Consider appropriate insurance for your valuables during the safe relocation in case your household coverage is not sufficient. 
  5. Assess your relocation budget If you cannot afford to hire professional movers to help you move your safe, be sure that you gather enough strong helpers. Of course, you can ask movers for a piece of advice or look for a reliable moving tutorial online.
  6. Weigh your moving options. Moving a huge safe to another place can be really challenging, especially if you are doing it on your own. Bear in mind that moving heavy and cumbersome items can be really dangerous for you and other people who are helping you.For that reasen, you should be careful of your and your helpers’ well-being and try to stay uninjured throughout your upcoming relocation. Therefore, hiring a professional movers, like Intermove Bosnia is, that specializes in moving huge and oddly-shaped items is a logical and safest thing to do.

Additional tips on moving a safe:

  1. Wear appropriate clothing on a moving day. Take every precaution necessary to stay healthy and uninjured during the process of moving a safe. Dealing with large items can be very risky if you are not familiar with the measures that should be taken. Wearing protective gloves, proper shoes, and comfortable clothes will allow you to move easily and safely.
  2. Get supplies:  appliance dolly, moving straps, and protective packing material. Due to its particular dimensions and weight, a heavy-duty appliance dolly is absolutely necessary when moving your safe. Use a furniture blanket to wrap the safe to prevent severe damage in case it accidentally hits floor or walls.
  3. Take a measurement of your safe before you rent or borrow the required equipment. You can call the moving company and ask them for moving supplies. With this, place protective mats, large pieces of cardboard, old carpets, or blankets on the floor.
  4. Make a moving plan. First of all you should ensure there are no obstacles on the way to the moving vehicle. Avoid dangerous zones in the house if you can. If not – make them safe.
  5. Proceed slowly one step at a time, especially when you are going down or up to the stairs. Make sure the safe is firmly attached to the dolly with straps at all times. 
  6. The moving vehicle must be equipped with the loading ramp, which is necessary for loading bulky items. 

The secret is not in the muscle power !

One of the secrets when moving a safe is that it’s not about the muscles. It is all about knowledge how to carry a heavy object such as a safe. Also, the ssecret is how to adequately protect itfrom possibility of damage.

Often people get a headache when they realize that they have to actually move a safe, which is, for example, located on the fifth floor of a New York building without an elevator. They think this is impossible. But, for experienced relocation professionals such are Intermove Bosnia Moving and Relocation services located in Bosnian capital Sarajevo,, there is no such thing as “impossible”. That is because movers know that every new job is a story to itself and satisfied customers are their greatest satisfaction and motivation.

Extra equipment !

Everything in your relocation can be simple if you have an excellent relocation plan. This is especially important in the case of relocating your safeAnd also the specialized moving vehicle and the right number of experienced and professional people.

As a extra equipment that can help you move your safe you should know that moving companies use small and large lifting cranes, forklifts, hydraulic lifts, hand pallets, stair robots, outdoor lifts. They also use special mounting cranes for rooms used precisely when lowering or pulling heavy safes or other heavy machines. When moving a safe, remember it is imperative to protect the floor inside the building due to possible damage.

Transport !

Safe transport requires a high level of expertise, proper planning, and the right equipment. Special loads differ depending on dimensions and weights. In this way it’s completely different when you need to move a safe and, let’s say, a piano.

Safe transport requires high standards and professionalism, as well as special loading and unloading equipment. Also, the proper equipment to protect a safe to reach the address undamaged. If safe transport is done abroad, you also need to be acquainted with with the regulations of the country where the transport takes place. When you check this you can ensure a reliable means of transportation. When you think about the moving location, know that good moving companies transport safes to all locations and to all floors. There is nothing that cen be done if the chosen company is professional. They have special equipment and people with more experience.

In the end, we hope you know thatit’s not really easy to move a safe by yourself. You will probably have to call a reliable moving company. That’s where Intermove Bosnia can step in and to secure properly safe moving.

And if you have any questions plese feel free to cantocat us and we will be happy to assist you as we have done as we have done many times to our satisfied clients.

Move on our Intermove Friends !

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