How to prepare your guitar amplifier for moving !

A guitar amplifier is a big and bulky item with many breakable parts.  For your upcoming move and relocation you should consider to properly packed it prior to shipping to ensure that it survives the rough handling it will encounter during transport. Here are some advices on how to accordingly pack and ship an amplifier to ensure that it arrives intact and in good working condition. You will be thankful to us in Intermove Bosnia as we know the proper way for handling your precious guitar amplifier. So, we can ensure you that bellow tips are the right way for moving your amplifier as we learn these tips in many years of our business practice.

Preparing the tubes !

First thing that you must do is properly remove any tubes in the amplifier. You want to unscrew any back covers so you can access the tubes. In most amplifiers they’re positioned in the back of your amp.When you are removing the tubes, gently work the tube in a circular motion. Tubes are fragile so be sure not to force them out. Once you’ve pulled them all out, wrap them in bubble wrap.

The biger tubes can be wrapped individually, but for smaller tubes you can wrap a few side by side. Once they are all ready, you want to place them in their own box that you’ll eventually pack into the larger box together with the amp. For best practice, tape it up and write “Tubes” on the outside of the box to make sure they’re not discarded.

Wrap the power cable !

After preparing the tubes, you want to wrap the power cable with a rubber band so the cable doesn't whip around in transit and potentially puncturing the speaker. Then wrap the chord in newspaper. Use a piece of cardboard to keep it snug and separated from the speaker. Feel free to fill the back with more paper to make sure everything stays put during transit. In that way you will ensure tightness of smaller parts during transport.

Packing the amplifier !

The best way to conduct the packing of a amplifier is to double box it. You can use its original box if its still available. If you don't have the original box anymore, any sturdy cardboard shipping box will do. The inner box should snugly fit the amp and provide ample space for smaller parts that will be packaged separately. The outer box should be big enough to provide at least 3 to 4 inches of extra space between it and the inner box.

Wrap the amplifier generously in bubble wrap, making sure that all sides, edges and corners are well protected.

Place the amplifier in the inner box. Also insert the small box with the detached parts at the back of the amp. Fill remaining empty spaces with bubble wrap to prevent movement.But please be advised that you can use packing peanuts for this aim. If these are being used you want wrap the amplifier in a bag or plastic to prevent the packaging peanuts from filling into the open back of the amplifier. Layer some packing peanuts in the bottom of the outer box.  Place the inner box in the center and fill the sides with more packing peanuts. The packing peanuts should be well-packed up to the top, leaving no space for the amplifier to shift or move around. After this close and seal the box with packaging tape.

Address the box and consider buying insurance for the amplifier for protection in case it gets broken or lost during shipping. Taking pictures of the amp at different angles and while being packed will come in handy in case the need to file a claim arises. Also it is good advice to label the box with “FRAGILE” signa and to label it with the “THIS SIDE UP” label so that, while in transport, no accidents should occourred

Packing and shiping an amplifier might seem daunting, but we in Intermove Bosnia can to show you that the actual process doesn't have to be. So that you can to continue to disturb your neighbors by loudly playing your guitar.

Keep on dusting with your guitar !

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