How to keep your health during a move !

Your health should always be on the top of your priority. This is especially true when you are dealing with a home move and you are trying to survive it in one piece. Because the move is the most stressful events that a person can experience in their life, we, at Intermove Bosnia simply cannot highlight enough how important it is to stay healthy during the move. That’s why we, in Intermove Bosnia, are very well aware that you need to be in good shape in the mental and physical plan. Because if you are not good you are then moving in vain because moving is for the sake of life and life is not there for the sake of moving

Taking care of yourself should be the number one priority in your upcoming move. Other than dealing with all household items and moving tasks, bear in mind that you have to stay healthy and energetic all along. Lack of regular meals associated with a lot of stress generated during the moving process may lead to some serious health issues, so do not underestimate the importance of a good, nutritious meal when you are undergoing a move.

How to stay healthy during the move?

Intermove Bosnia, located in Sarajevo, has a few moving tips that can ensure your good health condition so that your upcoming move can be conducted smoothly. These tips will ensure your good health, because if you are not on the lookout, such activity as moving is, can damage your health in a second.

Eat healthy foods !

One of the most important things that you can do for your health during your move is to have a healthy diet so you can have the physical and emotional strength to handle a home move. In view of this fact, below are three steps that will secure  your proper health habits during the chaos of moving

1. Conduct for yourself a healthy eating plan !

2. Focus on healthy food !

3. Try not to skip meals !

Eat nutritious meals regularly and systematic manner so that you can stay healthy and energetic. While on the road, you might have limited dining options, but  that’s not a reason to try to have delicious fruit or vegetable salad instead of some fast food products. Alsohave always supplies of healthy snacks for the road.

Hydrate yourself all the time !

Another necessary way to stay healthy during the move is to ensure proper hydration of your organism, especially during summer move, when the heat in the air can easily dehydrate you. Note that dehydration can lead to a number of unpleasant and unhealthy side effects such: increased thirst, dry mouth, headaches, dry skin, dizziness, etc. Ans these side effects are the last things that you want to feel when you are fighting to provide a good and pleasant relocation.

So, remember to stay hydrated on the road. Whether you are traveling by airplane or by car, have water bottles on hand at any time and in any circumstances. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol should be avoided due to the dehydrating effect, so if you want coffee then drink tea instead, you will thank us, at Intermove Bosnia, for that.

Get enough sleep !

Sleeping is also a very important part of keeping your health in a productive way during your move. A night of good sleep will impact whether you will survive the move and whether you will be healthy in the process. It is a bad idea to sacrifice your usual sleep time just to finish more work. It may be good to do this once or twice when you know that extra work will really matter in the end. But you should not regularly break your usual sleep patterns to catch up due to poor planning and poor organization, because if you have a good dream you will be more productive

Take it from Intermove Bosnia that you require 7-9 hours of sleep for basic survival. In fact, there are several solutions to the problem of lack of time for sleep and they are listed bellow:

  1. Start preparing for the move as early as you can
  2. Organize your time well with the moving checklist
  3. Ask for timely help, either from your good friends or from moving companies.

Pack yourself in a healthy way !

There is a good reason why packing for moving is the worst task on anyone’s checklist, and that is because it takes a long period of time to finish, it takes maximum effort from whoever does it. And it also requires money for all kinds of packing supplies. The trick of staying healthy during the move is to solve the problem of packing your home in the best possible way – efficiently (quickly, easily and cheaply) and with minimal stress and loose ends. Imagine how much healthier – emotionally and physically – you will be if you are able to complete the most difficult task before the move without much hassle and stress.

Use proper lifting methods !

During your move, you can get injured during the move because one wrong move or one slip can lead to serious injury especially when a heavy object is being relocated. And, as you well know, moving involves a lot of stressful and time-consuming actions – lifting, moving and loading large and heavy pieces of furniture, large household appliances, filled boxes, and other heavy household items. To avoid accidents involving injuries on a moving day, you should use proper lifting methods.

To conduct lifting incorrect way you should pay attention to lifting techniques – know your limits and act accordingly so that you can avoid injuries. Carrying household items, heavy lifting, loading, unloading are physically challenging tasks and you have to pay attention to your movements in order to avoid any serious injuries. Lift the boxes using the entire lower body and not the only upper body or only your hands.

Be safe !

Your health, the health of your family members, and the health of your  helpers are what matters  most, and that’s why during the move of your home, there may be numerous situations that will be considered risky and dangerous. Stressful situations can lead to bad injuries if you do not pay additional attention and do not apply safety measures. Your number one priority is to guarantee the safety of everyone involved in the move!

Bellow is our, Intermove Bosnia, few other precautions you should take on the day you move:

  1. Use the proper moving equipment
  2. Mind what you wear on the day of moving
  3. Clear all paths from your home so that you can have free space for handling your items

Keep away from stress !

Moving house is a radical change in your life, but it doesn’t have to be followed by a lot of stress and frustration, but one general advice that Intermove Bosnia can give you, is to be well-organized. No matter how difficult the move may seem in the beginning, you can handle it with an efficient plan and strategy. So, relax and start your planning early. Take your time to plan the moving step by step without any rush if possible.

Ask your friends for help !

Moving a house is not only too much work for one person, but cases of lifting and carrying heavy and delicate objects on moving day are too risky to be handled by just one pair of hands. Do not sacrifice your health in a meaningless attempt to prove to yourself that you are stronger and tougher than people think. Instead, try to do the smart thing and ask your friends to help you move.

You friend will not offer their help  themselves, and you need to be armed with the courage to contact your good friends and ask them to help you – either by packing or moving heavy furniture on the day of your move. Also, you can hire a babysitter to look after your kids while you are handling other moving issues. Furthermore, you are not supposed to do everything in a few days. Instead, you should plan your move step by step, and be aware that rush decisions may lead to a major problem.

Let professionals handle the workload on the day of moving

The best way to protect your health during the move is to let professionals deal with the physical side of your move. It’s no secret that moving day can entail many risks and dangers for you and your family. Especially when large and heavy household items need to be taken out of the house and loaded safely into a moving truck.

In fact, one wrong move can cause damage to property or can lead to serious injuries. And if you happen to move for the first time, then you and your health will be in even greater danger than you think. Do yourself a big favor and transfer the burden of moving day to experienced professional movers, like Intermove Bosnia is, who just know what they need to ensure safety on the most dangerous and unpredictable day in the move.

Be a step further !

  1. Have a routine medical review before the moving day. You may need to get all the necessary prescriptions from your doctor as well. Long-distance moves are very demanding, so make sure to check your and your family’s medical condition before the moving day.
  2. Moving is overwhelming, so try to stick to some activities that will cheer you up and help you relax. For that purpose, you should try to watch your favorite movie, go out with friends, prepare some delicious meals so that the whole family can enjoy or eat out and have fun. Take some time to de-stress and regain your energy. You will need a big deal of that energy for the upcoming move.
  3. Pack the first-aid kit and keep it on hand on a moving day. It should contain basic medical items needed like:  bandages, medicines (pain relievers, antibiotics, antihistamines,…).

A few precautions and planning ahead will ensure that you stay healthy during the move. When you reach your new home healthy, you will be eager to settle in and arrange your new home. Those tasks require a lot of effort and time, so save your energy and take good care of yourself during the move. Because relocation may come and goes and your health needs to stay permanent in perfect condition.

O, stay healthy our Intermove friend.