Packing children,s room for your upcoming move !

When you are moving with children, you’re likely to face numerous challenges, including the difficult task of packing your kids’ room for a move. The main thing in this challenging process is that you wouldn’t want to pack childrens room too early in the process for fear of disrupting your children’s routine and thus introducing even more stress for your young ones than necessary.

To pack your kids’ room in a best possible way, you’re going to require a good plan: where to start the packing process, which items to pack and which ones not to pack, how to protect all the things in the children’s room for the move, and also, how involved you should keep your children in the packing process.

Please follow these tips for packing your kids’ room to get the job faster and easier because we, at Intermove Moving and relocation services Bosnia, are willing to share with you our knowledge gathered in the 25 years of experience.

Involve your children in the packing process !

While handling the toughest and the most time-consuming task during a house move you should not turn down lightly any extra help. Furthermore, if your children are old enough to be able to help you sort and pack their own room, you should do the smart thing and let them get involved in the packing as much as they can.

Involving your kids in the packing for a move will not only secure you more helping hands to finish the packing task more quickly and efficiently, but it should make your loved ones feel useful and engaged in the move just like their mom and dad are. In this way your kids would feel a bit proud of themselves knowing that they are making a valuable contribution to the successful end of the family moving process.

The best way in which your kids can help you pack their own room is to be with you during the sorting process. Then, they can assist you in protecting and boxing some of theirs items, and then labeling the packed boxes as well.

Declutter the room with your children !

You shoud first sort items in the chidren room and, only after that, you shoud start packing process. The clear benefits of decluttering a room prior to packing it up are that you’ll need fewer packing supplies to pack fewer things and you’ll keep the transportation costs to a minimum thanks to the fewer number of items you’re moving to your destination.
The best advice that we, at Intermove Moving and relocation services, can give you, about decluttering childrens room, is that you’d better sort out and declutter their room in their presence in order to be more efficient and to avoid possible disputes after the move.

For a start of this job it is better to encourage your kids to separate their things into a couple of piles:

1. MUST-TAKE items – all the things they still want and will continue to use in the future of their new home.
2. LEAVE-BEHIND items – the things that your children no longer want or need, plus all the things that are already too broken, worn out, or outgrown to continue to be of any service to them.
Furthermore sort out your children’s clothes and shoes – some of them may be worn out, others may be too small to be used again. After that all your kids’ toys and games are next – go through each one and decide on the spot, together with your loved ones, what to do with it. Also you should want to declutter your kids’ collection of books either – books are heavy when packed inside a box, so you only need to take the most loved and preserved copies.

For the items that you left behind you should, depending on their current condition, consider giving them away to other kids you know, donating them to charitable organizations, or disposing of them in an eco-friendly way.

Prepare essentials packing supplies for your children !

Moving with kids can be challenging for a number of reasons and one of them is that your little ones will still need access to their most essential items even when their everyday things are in transit between origin and destination of your move. That means that for packing a kids’ room you wil have to prepare essentials boxes for your children as well. Those kind of boxes must be reachable for you during all the moving process.

When you’re moving house with a baby or a toddler, you have to include essential baby items in those essentials boxes – baby food, diapers, baby powder, wet wipes, and of course – age-appropriate toys and games to keep them entertained. Also, you must pack a change of clothes and any prescription medicine your young ones may need while on the road.

When you’re moving house with school-age kids, then you should concentrate on packing their favorite games and toys, including any electronic gadgets that they own. Having an extra set of clothes and shoes is always a good idea, but don’t forget any essential  medications too..

Be sure that those essential boxes are ready and set aside before you move on to packing your children’s room for real. And try to remember that the essentials boxes for each family member will stay with you during the physical relocation between the two homes.

Packing tips for handling your chidrens room !

There are several distinct challenges you’re likely to face and overcome when packing up your children’s room: packing their books, packing their toys and games, and packing their clothes and shoes. Bellow Intermove Bosnia has shared some packing tips that can help you with this challenging process.

1.Packing childrens books for moving !
Sort your children’s books before packing them – gift or donate the ones you won’t take with you.
Pack the copies that are worth moving in small to medium-size cardboard boxes that are strong, dry, and damage-free. Wrap more valuable books in packing paper for a additional protection.
Do not arrange any books with their spines facing upward (facing you) to prevent damage. Also, it is wery important not to put too much books in the box because the boxes can be to heavy and they can break.

2.Packing childrens toys and games for moving !
Go through all your kids’ toys and board games to decide which ones will make sense to be packed and move, and which ones didn,t worth the troube. Gift or donate the toys and games you’re leaving behind.
Wrap fragile and delicate toys in soft wrapping paper first, then in bubble wrap to keep them protected and extra secured. Keep small items and accessories in plastic bags to have them safe.
Additionaly pack large toys and games in their original boxes, if possible. That is the most efficient way to pack large items. If you don’t keep those original boxes, use cardboard ones of similar size. And remember your childrens toys and games have emotional vaue for them, so remember to be extra carefull when packing them

3.Packing childrens clothes and shoes for moving !
Don’t pack any clothes or shoes that you know your kids won’t wear again in the future – it’s just not worth the time and expenses. Set aside the pieces and pairs that are too small or too worn out and decide what to do with each one based on their current condition.
Donate the clothes and shoes that are lightly used so that other less fortunate children can have the chance of using them.
Fold neatly all children’s clothes and place them into clean pre-lined cardboard boxes.
Clean the pairs of shoes you’re about to pack to prevent taking dust and dirt into the new home. Wrap your kids’ shoes in packing paper and arrange them into small to medium-sized boxes.

At the end you should know that packing your children’s room doesn’t have to be boring or exhausting. It’s up to you to make the entire packing task a bit more fun and entertaining – play music in the background and try to turn it all into a game and you enjoy with your family during challenging task of moving.

Let your kids make some of the more important decisions but also encourage them to have some fun in the meantime. And remember to let your children label and decorate the already packed boxes any way they like can really change the tone of the whole packing experience.

Intermove Bosnia hopes these tips and advices will help you. We know that they helped us when we collected them during our long term bisiness experience, so we are glad to share it with you..

Keep on playing !

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