Can moving help you cope with depression?

Depression is difficult to explain and even more difficult to deal with. It is often confused with sadness, but while a sad person still has the capacity to mourn and process pain and the strength to endure, and fight, and move on, depressed people don’t have the energy – and the motivation – to do anything. They feel empty but don’t know what’s causing that emptiness; they feel stuck but don’t know what’s holding them back; they feel anxious but don’t really know. The only way out of that state of mind is a radical change and a new start.

And a new start is often associated with a move to a new place and a new surroundings. But can moving really help with your depression? Can it really cure the empty feeling and bring a sense of purpose, and confidence, hope and security? It might help with the healing process and you can be confident that a relocation can  improve your mental health as we at Intermove Bosnia located in Sarajevo have witnissed a manny happy relocations even though they started in an anxious manner. We, at intermove, will give you, in a bellow text, our guidance how to cope with your depression through means of moving and relocation where we at Intermove are the experts.

Does moving help deal with depression?

Can relocation help your depression depends on the circumstances that are causing the anxious state of mind. If those circumstances will change with moving to a new place, then relocating might provide a cure. If it is an internal problem, though, a change of location will do little to assuage the depression. Real depression and anxiety are rarely caused by the city one lives in, but they may be triggered or exacerbated by the situation there. So the city can be inducement for the unhealthy state and the real cause can be find internal. Because of that relocation can be beginning of healing process

In accordance with that there may be too many depressing memories associated with a place where one lives;
1. The area may not suit one’s physical or psychological needs, comfort level or aesthetic sensibilities;
2. The city may not provide the opportunities one needs to grow as a person and achieve their dreams and goals in life;
3. There may be people or circumstances in one’s current location that raise the person’s anxiety and cause fear, frustration, or other negative emotions, etc.
All these issues can be fixed by moving to a new place – so relocating will probably help.

In fact, many forms of depression are just symptoms of a need for a change – change of scenery, change of job, change of lifestyle, or change of perspectives. Moving to another city or state will provide this change and will open new horizons to the person, giving them the chance to start over and find happiness.

However they are many issues that cannot be resolved by moving away – wherever we go, we still face ourselves, we still care for loved ones, and we still need to reconcile with the world. Most personal issues are not influenced by location, environment, or possibilities – so they can’t be fixed by relocating to another city, or state, or country.

Accordingly moving offers the chance for a fresh start but can,t be mistaken for a complete cure.It is not a cure on its own but can be a excellent start of healing because you can get a great opportunity for a fresh start simply if you are moving and the rest is up to you.

Should you move away, then, if you’re feeling depressed? It depends on your situation and your wishes.

Factors when moving to another country will increase your depression?

However far you may go, moving as such is unlikely to solve your problems and lift your depression. In fact, it might even worsen it – if you don’t fit into the new city, don’t find a good job, don’t make new friends, etc., this could add to the hopelessness and negativism. Besides, moving to a new state is quite a challenging and stressful process in itself:

Stepping out of your comfort zone will increase your anxiety and your fears;
1. Planning and performing a long-distance move will be difficult, expensive, and emotionally draining;
2. You will lose your support network and will miss your family and friends;
3. Moving to a place where you know nobody and nobody knows you will result in loneliness and isolation;
4. You will have to establish a new routine, get used to a new job, adapt to a new environment, and find your place in a new community.
All these factors of stress will increase your mental and emotional burden and deepen your depression.

So, if you’re not sure why you’re depressed (or know exactly why you’re depressed and it has nothing to do with your current area), have no good reasons to move to a certain city, or suffer from emotional distress, then moving probably won’t help. The new environment may provide temporary distraction, but it won’t provide a permanent solution and there will be no long-term positive result. You can’t run away from yourself.

So, if a person moves from one place to another because they’re unhappy and hope that a change of location will make them feel better, then no, moving to a new city won’t help. Changing environmental stress factors, though, can alleviate depression under most other circumstances.

When moving to can help your depression?

There is no magical place where everything is perfect and happiness is guaranteed. Yet, sometimes, an area can be toxic for someone and in such cases, moving to a new place can be really helpful.

If it is your physical surroundings, your city’s situation, or your current lifestyle that makes you anxious, then moving to another city may the right path for you. But you shouldn’t just move to any city – you need to determine exactly what you want your new area to offer, research your options, and find a place that meets your needs and preferences. Where you move to is crucial for overcoming your depression. You will nee to figure out what kind of benefits can you expect from a new surroundings. Also if possible, spend a few weeks in the city you consider moving to before making your final decision – so you have the chance to experience life there and see if you really like it and if you can fit in.

So, does moving away help depression? If where you live is a mismatch to your personality, interests, and desires, then yes, moving away will help your deperession. Moving to, however – to a place that resonates with you personal needs and desires – will help even more.

Moving closer to things you like (the beach, the mountains, a big city, a peaceful countryside, a mild climate) won’t cure your depression in itself, but it will give you the incentive to get out and do things:

You will be able to do what you love doing – practice favorite hobbies, enjoy favorite pastimes, engage in favorite activities. That will bring back your enjoyment of life and will help you get out of the blues;
It will be easier to meet people who enjoy the same things as you do and, thus, it will be easier to make friends. That will bring you a sense of connectedness and will help you shake off loneliness and isolation.
You will be surrounded by things you like, so your environment will bring you contentment and inner peace. That will help you overcome your anxieties and focus on your goals in life.
Living in a place you love will help you cope with depression and get back to the happy path in your life.

In what ways does moving help your depression?

A move to a new city is the perfect opportunity to start over fresh, change the things you don’t like in your life, and get the freedom you’ve always wanted. You can build your future without having the burdens of your old life pulling you down. Si, be redy and careful about a new opportunity that will lie in front of you.

Moving to a new city will challenge you out of your comfort zone and will bring out the warrior in you. And when you begin to fight your own battles and manage to achieve what you’re striving for, there will be a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, pride, and most importantly –  sense of happiness. You’ll gain self-confidence and will become stronger, more resilient, and more self-reliant – and will be able to overcome all obstacles and your depression.
Additionaly, moving to a new area will open new horizons before you, will provide you new opportunities, and will give you new perspectives. If you open up your mind to the new surroundings around you, you will be able to step out of your own restricting shell and grow up as a person.

The feeling of anonymity will also help a lot – no one in your new city will know you as a depressed person and treat you as such. You will be able to start with a clean slate – leave bad habits, bad reputation, bad memories, and bad experiences behind – and find your true self.

Also, when you move someplace new, everything around you will be new and exciting (new places to explore, new experiences to try, new people to meet), so you will be filled with excitemen, curiosity and your passion for life will be reignited.

The new city will renew you and your depression will disappear. That,is guaranteed by our team at Intermove Bosnia located in Sarajevo.

Roll on our Intermove friends!

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