How to adapt to a new culture after international moving !

After moving internationally you will find yourself immersed in a new environment and a different  culture. No matter how exciting moving abroad is, lack of familiarity can be very overwhelming at first. An international move comes with a series of challenges, mixed emotions and effects of change so you must be ready for that and we, at Intermove Bosnia, moving and relocation services located in sarajevo, can help you with that given our long term relocation experience.

It’s very important to recognize signs of a culture shock and to learn how to ease the stress that is usually associated with a long distance relocation.  Hopefully reading the following advices will help you get an insight into a wide range of emotions that is caused with internationall relocation. Also, we at Intermove Bosnia, will in this text try to give you some guidelines how to adapt to the new environment and overcome the signs of stress when colliding with the new culture and new environment.

Difficulty to adjust on life in another country?

Adapting to a new culture can be a bit complicated and overwhelming because every new environment comes with their specific callenges. People usually tend to highlight only the positive aspects of living in another country. But Intermove Bosnia will give you bellow some insight  that we gathered on the difficulties associated when you start to live abroad.

  1. In the beginning of you life abroad you may feel like the odd one out. Even after you settle into your new home you may feel like you belong somewhere else. And that is not only a feeling because you just starting your new life and you must to find some strength to adjust.
  2. For some people making new friends is more complicated than expected. Misunderstandings and miscommunications are also part of the adjustement process which can get extremely overwhelming, so you must be prepare for this.
  3. You feel uncomfortable being so far away from your friends, relatives and your previous life. Being outside of your comfort zone, you need to find an efficient way to overcome this disorientation new feelings that you are experiencing now..
  4. Uncertainty may seem disorienting and upsetting. Embrace the fact that there will be times when you will want to pack up your belongings and give up. Whenever you’re feeling down, try to focus on the positive aspects of the move and don’t give up!

Relieving culture shock !

It should come as no surprise that the culture and lifestyle of the place you are moving to is very different from your previous cultural environment. Therefore, you may find it hard to adopt in after you move. There are a few guidelines that can help you to prepare for this situations and  Intermove Bosnia is glad that can share it with you.

  1. Prepare yourself mentally ahead, so that you can be ready when the time is come. You can do that by learning more about your future home. Before you get an in-person experience, take advantage of various sources to get a clear idea of what your new life will look like. Learn as much as possible about the local tradition and population.
  2. Know what the culture shock is before you experience it in reality. When subjected to an unfamiliar environment people may react differently, but there are certain stages of feelings most people experience as they find themselves in a new culture, and they are as follows: extreme homesickness, constant feeling of loneliness and sadness, depression, withdrawal, physical pain, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, irritability and vulnerability, feeling insecure and disoriented, overeating and lack of appetite. Be prepare to recognize that stages and you will be ready to deal with them.

Although culture shock is usually considered a psychosocial condition, it can significantly affect your physiological functions. Most of the above mentioned processes are unconscious, so it’s difficult to be fully prepared. But at least you can recognize and handle them properly once they appear.

Moving to another country is not just going to a long holiday. It is a new experience and a very sudden one. The truth is that the relocation itself will pose a lot of challenges and. how you will overcome those challenges and adapt to totally new patterns depends on your flexibility and mindset. Be prepared to sharpen your psychic strength.

Adaptation to a new culture !

Moving to different country can prove to be one of the most complex life-changing events one can face. But note that culture shock may occure even when moving from one city to another in the same country. That happens because culture shock are often a very delicate state of mind that refers  to the physical and emotional discomfort.

Intermove Bosnia located in Sarajevo will share some advices on how to stay on track when moving a long distance. In spite of the initial excitement about the move, suddenly you may find yourself overwhelmed by various negative emotions.  It’s important to be patient and to take good care of yourself.

If you have done a thorough research in advance, you know what to expect when it comes to the local customs, language, climate, schools, shops. In that way you will have in advance knowledge that can be your weapon in adopting new surroundings Also, better business opportunities is one of the main reasons why people decide to move in another country. Therefore, unless you have an arranged job at your new location, you should know in advance your employment options.

Overcoming a culture shock !

Bellow is some important tips that can help you in collision with your new surroundings.

  1. Make your new place feel as home as much as possible. For that purpose you should try to recreate the familiar surroundings, add instant atmosphere with some candles, soft rugs, photos, plants and paintings. Surround yourself with your favorite items, memorabilia and whatever makes you feel comfortable. Those details will help you feel more safewhile coping with the new challenges.
  2. Try to explore your new neighborhood. Settling in the new eighborhood  is the best way to get your regular routine. Once you locate all your points of interest (restaurants, schools, parks, grocery stores, bars, pharmacies,…) you will regain a sense of security as well as a familiar feelings with new culture.
  3. Introduce yourself to your neighbors. After moving in another country you will realize that strong relationships with people is what you miss the most. Even if you are in the middle of the moving hustle and bustle, take a couple of moments out of your busy schedule to greet your new neighbors. Also, consider organizing a housewarming party where you can gather both old and new friends, neighbors and coworkers. It’s time for you to have some fun after a tiresome moving experience.
  4. Take part in the local community and social clubs. Try to get to know people with similar interests so as reduce the effects of culture shock. Attend local events that bring people with similar focus together.
  5. Stay away from people and activities that may drain your energy. It is important for you to try to focus on positive aspects of the new one. Maintain positive attitude and look forward to what’s to come in order to ease your cultural transition.

Intermove Bosnia wish you well in you new adventure and,

move on our international friends.

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