How to protect your floors during a move !

Whether you are moving in or moving out, protecting the floors is an important, and often overlooked, part of the moving and relocation procedure. You don,t usually to think about security of your floors during a move, but floors can be easily damaged and protecting them from damage can prevent costly last-minute repairs.

Our reliable experts in Intermove can give advice you on several simple ways to protect floors throughout your upcoming move. Please consider these tips because we in Intermove, located in Sarajevo, have encountered a wide range of floor damage because of disregard, and we can teach you how to avoid that unnecessary stress.

Gather up floor covering materials !

During your packing for your upcoming move, set aside materials that can be used as furniture pads or floor protectors along the way. Any area rugs, welcome mats, or plastic floor mats you have are very useful. You can also use tarps, towels, or old blankets. Gather up those materials and you will have a means to work with regarding your floor protection.

Wrap up and protect  furniture legs and edges in protective blankets !

Anything that pokes or sticks out in your furniture pieces should be wrapped in bubble wrap or in protective furniture blankets. In this way you will secure your floors when moving furniture, but it’ll protect your walls and your furniture if there’s an accidental bump. As material for protection is softer and tighter then it is better for protection goals.

Cardboard !

Another secure way to protect your floors is by covering them with cardboard. It’s sturdy enough to take some of the blow if you make a mistake and drop something. However, it does slide around quite a bit, so you may need to tape it down. So, it is important that you have a several tapes with you in a case of necessity.

Red rosin paper !

A better alternative to cardboard is red rosin paper. This type of paper will help to protect hardwood floors. It’s made of 100% recycled paper and often used for flooring and siding. You can be sure of it as we in Intermove Sarajevo have witness in several cases.

Rugs !

Create a “walkway”  from your rugs, starting from the door and traveling through the house. Make sure that there is a route to every room. In this way you will have a safe path of your moving and you will only have to take care of the space of that path. Your caruing of the furniture will be more organised in this method and consequentially the flores will be more secured.

Protection of carpets with carpet masking !

Protect your carpet by laying a carpet mask on it. Similar to stretch wrap, a carpet mask provides a good layer of protection from dirt. Carpet masking is relatively affordable, especially when compared to the cost of replacing or cleaning your current carpet.

Keeping your floors safe during a move only takes a little preparation and forethought. Don’t let furniture slide without felt pads. Try to minimize dirt from outdoors making its way in. It’s as simple as that. No matter the flooring surface, having the proper tools for the move is one of the best things you can do to ensure a smooth moving experience.

That,s why we in Intermove are happy to advice you to relax and everything will come in it,s place if you have the right supply and if you are conducted by planning. Then your floors will stay shine.

Shine on you crazy diamond !

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