What to sell before moving !

Relocation and moving are often considered as an great opportunity to start again in a fresh way and to build a even better life for yourself, and one perfect way to do exactly that is to get rid of everything that’s pushing you back– groundless anxieties, unhappy memories, painful self-doubts, useless junk, etc. – and to start with a clean start in your new destination. In this process you will have the best opportunity to remove all the things that you don,t need, and to use your new space as well as your new life in a lighter, and consequently, in a more optimistic way.

It may seems that it is hard to get rid  the emotional side of things, but it is really easy to deal with the material stuff that clutters your life without bringing any value to it. You will need to sort out your possessions, assess their value (whether practical, financial, or sentimental), decide which of them are worth moving to your new home, and get rid of everything else. And, Intermove located in Sarajevo can advice you that, the best way to get rid of all of these things before moving is to sell them. You will be lighter and gratefull that you can start in a new manner. Also you cane earn enough money so that you can ease your stress about saying goodbye to your old stuff.

The big question is what to sell, and Intermove can help you decide with advices based on our 25 years experience, and we will be happy to share with you. Just remember to hold on to the end, don't give in to the emotional side of things, or otherwise you will find yourself with the old burden on your back. The most important thing in this process is to remain resolute and confident

Why do I need to sell things before my upcoming move?

Therefore if you want to turn a new sheet you must leave your belongings behind and buy a brand new items for your new destination home. And even if you don’t like changes and want to keep your old possessions because of old habits, you will still have to get rid of some of them because you won’t be able to use some of it in your new surroundings, and that it will be too difficult or too expensive for some of them to move.

Damaged and badly worn items you will throw, but what solution is there for the items that are still in good conditions. Our team in Intermove advice you that you can donate them or give it away, but best option for them is to sell your unneeded items. Bellow we gathered some reasons why the selling is the best option for those kind of items.

1)You will earn some extra money, so you’ll be able to additionaly fill your moving budget and to afford buying new items for your new home.

2) You will save a lot of money on your move because you wll have a less volume of items to ship. Moving costs are based on the weight and volumen of your items when you are moving long distance, or the time needed to complete the job when moving locally. The fewer items you relocate, the smaller the weight of your shipment will be and the faster the movers will finish the job, and therefore your moving costs will be lower. Additionaly you will spend less money on packing supplies as you will need less of them, and, also you will save on moving insurance as you will be insuring fewer items), etc.

3) You will save a lot of time, effort and therefore you will be stress relieved when preparing your belongings for shipment.

4) Your move will be easier as there will be fewer items to handle for your upcoming move.

5) You will be able to design your new home with items that perfectly fit its design and will surround yourself with things you really like because you won’t be buried by your old belongings and will have enough money to afford buying what you like. In additionaly your old items are unlikely to be right for your new home and lifestyle.

6) Your new home will be free of clutter as you will have got rid of barely used and rarely used items that would have otherwise taken up needed space in your new house.

Therefore, Intermove company can recommend  for you to bring with  only items that you need and love, and that are of high practical or sentimental value. Also, you should sell as many of your unwanted possessions as possible.

Items to sell before moving out !

There are many things that it doesn’t make sense to pack and bring with you, and you should sell it to make some extra cash for your move. Bellow is Intermove list of household goods that you should consider for selling:

1. Items that don’t fit in your new home – furniture, appliances, and other larger items that won’t fit in the available space in your new house or won’t fit your new home design. It is a good idea to make a floor plan of your new place and choose your design style before the move so you will know how to handle your items in accordance with your new space, so you don’t end up moving bulky pieces that won’t fit through the doors and hallways or won’t suit the layout of the space.

2. Items that are not appropriate for your new lifestyle – furnishings, clothes and shoes, weather-related items, and other items you won’t be able to use in your new surroundings because of the different climate in the area, the different type of residence you’ll be living in, the different job you’ll have.

3. Items you hardly ever use –  This area should include specialized kitchen items like a food torch or a pasta maker or specialized equipment that include anything from fishing rods through a treadmill to a sewing machine.. It is not worth moving things that are used only on rare occasions, if ever at all. It is better sell them to someone who will put them to good use;

4. Items you don’t like anymore – artwork, decorations, books, clothes and shoes, household items, or similar. Whether it was a gift or you bought it because you couldn’t find (or couldn’t afford) a better one, if you don’t like something, you shouldn’t keep it – someone else may actually need it and be happy to have it.

5. Items no one is interested in anymore – books, sports gear, musical instruments, painting supplies, electronic gadgets, collectibles, or similar. Anything you or a member of your family used to enjoy but don’t care about anymore should go to sale and you should consider to make soeone happy with that items.
Outgrown items – clothes and shoes that have become too small for your kids, toys and games, books and magazines, game consoles and CDs. Unless they’re really expensive though, instead of selling outgrown items, you may want to donate them to children’s charities or give them to friends who have younger kids. Trust Intermove you will feel better.

6. Items you want to replace with new models –  such is old appliances, outdated electronics or similar. There is no point in moving something only to replace it in a couple of years – sell your old appliances and electronics to people who need them now and gather some cash that you can put in a budget for buying modern replacements;

7. Duplicate items – additional bedding, extra kitchen items, and all kinds of things you have more than one of. You won’t need two coffee makers, five sets of dessert plates, or three dozen bath towels in your new home. Sell all what you can and donate the rest before you move;

8. Difficult to move items that have no additional value and can be replaced after the move.

9. Heavy items – large furniture, bulky appliances, exercise equipment, or similar. As mentioned moving costs are based onvolume and weight of the shipment, so it may be cheaper to sell your heavy items before the move and buy new pieces later than to pay for packing and shipping your weighty belongings to your new home. Additionaly, you will get brand new things for your new home for about the same price as you would pay for moving your old, weighty belongings.

10. Fragile items – glassware, chinaware, etc. The risk of damage to fragile items during a house move is very high, so you may be better off selling your breakables and buying new ones after the relocation – you will save plenty of time and effort needed for packing fragile items for shipping, and a lot of nerves.

11. Sensitive items – pieces of art, antiques, electronics, specialty items like pianos, grandfather clocks, or similar. Such sensitive items don’t stand much of a chance to survive the relocation intact – better sell them to someone who will appreciate them and take care of them than risk damaging them during the move unless they have high sentimental value, of course, and in such a case, consider using custom crating services to ensure the safety of your valuated belongings.
You should consider that everything you intend to sell must be in a good condition. Also, remember that it makes sense to sell items of higher monetary value and to donate useful things that don’t cost much. You won’t make a lot of money of your spare towels, for example, but a local charity will put them to good use.

For the end Intermove can give you final advice to ensure that you don’t sell your stuff while you still need it. You may want to sell as much as possible, but you can’t live in an empty home for a couple of months before the move, so it makes sense to put up your items for sale the day you decide that you’re not moving them to your new home. Therefore, be strategic about your timing – things you can do without like home décor, should be listed for sale as early as you can, but more essential items should be kept with you until a week or two before the move.

Be smart and strategic about your seling before moving and it will be worth to you.

Keep on moving and relocating !

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