How to relocate your shop (Tips for small business owners) !

When your business spreads enough to outgrowth the current capacities, you will require a new space. Moving everything that is important for proceeding of your business can be intimidating, but it’s not as hard as you convinced yourself to be so. You neet to be aware of the importance of planning, organization, and ingenuity because those are the main things you need in order to complete successfully your upcoming  move.

Intermove, moving and relocation company located in Sarajevo can provide you a trusted advice so that you can be ready  to move in no time! Guided by our experience we at Intermove can provide our best tips for moving shop as a small business owner.

Conduct a visual inventory !

There are some questions you’re going to need to answer before you move, and the best way to answer most of these questions is by taking a quick visual inventory of your business. You should determine out how much product and inventory you have and how much of it you’ll have to move. Inventory assertion provides you with the necessary systematization for your upcoming relocation, so that all the necessary parameters are included in the inventory.

Take inventory especially of large furniture items. You should consider a couple of questions like- if you have manuals and paperwork, how much of it will you need to move? Is there anything you could safely dispose of? Do you have a means of safely disposing of it? Figure out what you have, what you have to move, and what you can get rid of. Then you can move on to figuring out how and when you’ll move these things.

Track in spreadsheets !

You’ll have a lot to keep track of, so you should keep your lists in a digital form. Organize your lists by inventory type, quantity, location, box, etc. The more you can organize before a move, the fewer unexpected items you will have to deal with. Keep you relocation smart and you will be done with moving in a no time.

Disrupt current business as little as you can !

Do as much of your planning, packing, and moving after hours to avoid unnecessary disruption to your business because it is very important that the business does not stop regardless of moving. Enlist the help of friends or invest in a moving company to help things move in the fastest possible way. The business you will lose if you close up your shop for moving is almost always a greater expense than simply hiring help would have been.

Importance of proper packing !

You don’t want to lose money on lost inventory. By making sure everything is packed with care and accordingly, you will decrease the chance of damage and consequently a waste of money. Here are some of Intermove best packing tips that you need to keep in mind in order to have a successful relocation of your business. Please consider it because because it will make the whole process easier for you:

  1. Fill in gaps in any boxes with packing peanuts. If there’s open space in your boxes, items can shift around and break. Fill in any open spaces to make sure that doesn’t happen. If things are fixed the likelihood of damage will be less.
  2. Double wrap any breakables. Fill hollow breakable objects with packing material. Wrap all fragile items in both packing paper and bubble wrap. In this way additional protection will keep your items safe.
  3. Use the adequate equipment. If you have to move heavy items, don’t try to lift them on your own. It is better that you use ratchet straps and dollies. Also, you should be careful that you don’t move anything you’re unsure about without help. The last thing you want is injury in the middle of moving.

Try to be communicative !

You should try to be open with your customers and employees about your upcoming moving process because you want to lose as little business as possible during your move. You can do this by making sure customers know your timeframe, when you’ll be closed and when you’ll be open again, and where. Be friendly to your customers as your relocation is not their endeavour. Good and professional communication is essential to this end.

It’s also important to communicate this information to employees so they can plan in advance regarding downtime of the move. You’ll need to update your online business profiles. It is also useful to use social media to stay in touch with customers and answer their questions about your move directly.

Send new shipments to the new space !

Get this done as early as possible; negotiate with your new landlord if necessary. There’s no point sending shipments to your current place of business if you’ll just have to pay to move them to the new one.

Regarding your business you should consider to hire professional movers as they can work with you to create an affordable and efficient custom plan, so that  they would complete your move quickly efficiently and by industry procedures. Intermove can guarantee you exactly that, using our experience and competencies as we have conducted numerous business relocations.

Long live moving.

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