Packing your Christmas and holiday decorations !

No matter what time of the year you plan to move in addition to packing all the essentials, you also need to make sure you pack and relocate your Christmas and New Year decorations safely. The main reason lies in the fact that your Christmas and New Year decorations are something familiar and close to you because you spent so many beautiful moments with your loved ones while you were surrounded by these decorations.

Believe us in Intermove, we have seen, in our many relocation affairs, that people look, even in the hottest sun, to safely relocate their winter holiday decorations. You want to have your keepsakes and memories arrive intact at your new home so that you can have a lot more holidays surrounded by them. How you pack them for relocations will help ensure that you avoid to have tangles light strings or smashed glass ornaments.

Intermove has collected our instructions for the best way to pack holiday ornaments. These tips will help save you time, money, and stress.

Importance of gathering supplies !

First of all, make a list of the supplies you will require for safe decoration relocation. To start this operation first you will need to check around your house to determine if you have any on hand.For example you sure, keep the piles of wrapping paper from opening presents as packing paper. You can use it the way it is, shred it, or use it as filler in boxes. You can also reuse cookie tins, gift boxes, and egg cartons to store smaller, fragile and delicate ornaments. It is always best to first use your existing supplies to save both time and money

Here is the list of supplies that you will need to asquire for the job done in secure and methodic way:

  1. Packing paper for wrapping.
  2. Cardboard boxes or plastic bins for storage purposes.
  3. Ziploc bags for ornament hooks.
  4. Bubble wrap for additional protection.
  5. Some tape.
  6. Marker for visible labeling bags and boxes.

Systematically sort your decorations !

Sorting and listing your ornaments before packing them for the move is a good way to avoid confusion and headaches as you unpack at the holidays. Such systematization will help you not only in unpacking, but also for better and more secure relocation of your ornaments

Your ornaments can be organised in a few different ways, that we at Intermove are glad to share with you:

  1. By type (lights, garland, outdoor)
  2. By room (family room, kitchen)
  3. By display (ie. Christmas tree, mantle display)
  4. By categorizing your holiday ornaments, you will know where to search for specific items. You won’t spend extra time looking, because if you are looking for a specific item it will be with all other items of similar characteristics

Handle fragile items with additional care !

Some items, like glass tree ornaments, are more fragile and prone to damage than others, so you should take extra caution when wrapping them in bubble wrap or tissue before boxing them up. The best advice is to pack them without the hooks. Also egg cartons are very useful for protecting smaller ornaments and holding them in place because they will be fixed and protected from each side.

Lights and garland can be tricky, but they don’t need to be a unsolvable problem because you could wrap them around a piece of cardboard or coffee can. Once wrapped and secured, you should wrap the bundle in bubble wrap before storing.

Be sure that everything is secured !

After all that was mentioned you are ready to pack your ornament in the moving boxes. The best advice for that is to be sure to fill the empty spaces with packing peanuts or shredded paper. Make sure that everything is secured in a fixed manner, so that nothing wouldn,t break if the box gets jostled around.

Label everything !

Also it is very important, for the sake of your mind, to label the contents of each box because that will make finding specific ornaments  much easier when it comes to unpacking after relocation. Also, it is important to label which boxes contain fragile and delicate items. This will offer an extra layer of protection for breakables and ensure your movers to know what items needs additional attention for handling. Furthermore you may want to consider transporting your sentimental and delicate pieces safe in your vehicle rather than in the moving truck just tu be sured.

Recycle !

For the end we can advice you that they are many ways to use all the leftover wrapping paper and boxes from the year. One simple way to pack Christmas tree ornaments is to wrap them in used wrapping paper or bubble wrap. The paper will protect ornaments and the special dividers keep them separated. Did anyone in your household get new shoes for the holidays? Use the silica gel packets that come inside shoe boxes to place inside your Christmas decoration boxes. They keep the humidity out and allow your decorations to last even longer. Pack smart and you will be on the safe side.

If you appreciate our Intermove advices we can promise you that you will have a lot of shining holidays ahead with your intact favourite ornaments.

Happy Christmas and a very happy and sparkly new year

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