Making moving fun !

Relocation, all together with packing an entire household, negotiating with movers, paying exorbitant moving costs, and parting with close friends can be very hard and exhausting. As such relocation is miles away from the idea of fun, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with your upcoming move, because you will make it easier, and make it exciting and cheerful.

You just need to find some creative ways to make moving easier and more fun which will admittedly take quite a bit of imagination considering the arduous nature of the relocation process. Arm yourself in a good mood and you'll survive the move in one piece and with a smile on your face.

So, how can you make moving fun? Here are some ingenious guidelines form Intermove Bosnia ,located in Sarajevo, to help you achieve a less difficult and more enjoyable relocation. You will be thankful to Intermove because this will make your troubles like piece of cake. And remember – move in order to live and not live to move.


Make moving more fun when preparing for your relocation !

Packing, researching movers, and dealing with endless paperwork isn’t exciting by any means, but you can have fun experience with moving preparations and be in a good mood throughout the process, because with the right attitude, anything can be fun. When presented in a creative and appealing way, even the most tedious moving tasks can become a thrilling adventure. So think outside the box and be creative and it will pay off especially since a lot of work is waiting for you. Bellow is our. Intermove Bosnia, guidelines that will bring back forgotten smile on your face.

1.Find out as much as you can about your new area – not just serious, useful information such as the cost of living, crime rate, climatic conditions, local rules and regulations, etc., but also interesting facts and amusing trivia. Play detective and use the power of internet to find out the perks and peculiarities of the area, spy on your new city with Google Street View, check the entertainment options and cultural calendar of the region and make a list of fun things you can do there. You will be surprised how many new and interesting things you can discover in this way. Things that you wouldn,t consider earlier. So, go ahead and have fun

2.Make a floor plan of your new home – Use a mobile application or an online tool to make a 3D model of your new home and have fun creating different interior designs and styles. It will feel like a game to construct stairwells and demolish walls, move furniture around and customiz it all with a few taps on the screen or several clicks of the mouse button.In the end, you will know which of your old furniture will fit in your new home, what you need to buy for your new place, and where each item should go. It would be both practical and amusing. So. go ahead and have fun.

3.Invite friends to your packing party – Packing will be much faster and much more fun when done with friends. Ask them to come give you a hand with packing and use the opportunity to have some fun together – prepare some of your friends’ favorite snacks and drinks, play cheerful, upbeat music organize amusing packing games and competitions, share funny memories, etc. You will get to spend some more time with your friends before the move and will considerably speed up the packing process. Also you will connect with them in a different level because sharing difficulties can bring people closer together. So, go ahead and have fun.

4.Turn your move into a game with the variety of game activities – Have family members compete with each other to see who can get rid of the most stuff, use the space in a box most efficiently, or clean their room the fastest; organize a hidden object game or a treasure hunt; come up with funny riddles that will keep everyone entertained while working. Note that is important to have small prizes for this activities like candy, funny certificates, gift cards to favorite restaurants, etc,  for the winners to drive up the stakes and increase motivation. The games and competitions will lift everyone’s spirits and get them more focused on the fun challenge rather than on the tedious work they’re doing. Try going down to the kid level while doing adult stuff. Believe it will pay off. So, go agead and have fun.

5.Keep the music on – Create a playlist with rhythmic songs you love, turn up the radio, make up funny packing songs with your kids – lively music can make wonders for your mood and your efficiency. What’s more, putting your moving playlist together can be fun by itself because you can make it thematic (songs about leaving home, traveling, overcoming challenges, and songs about the place you’re moving to) or funny (include humorous songs, parody songs, silly songs, etc.) Music can make wonders especially in difficult tasks. So, go ahead and have fun.

6.Decorate packing material – Get hold of multicolored tape, markers, stickers, and other fun items to decorate your packing boxes by making colorful labels for each box, let your kids draw on the cartons, put funny stickers on every container, etc. It will allow you to personalize the boxes and express some creativity while also making unpacking easier as you will know which box goes where and what it contains at a glance. Be creative and unleash your imagination. So, go ahead and have fun.

7.Enjoy the food – Come up with unique recipes using the different foods you have left at home; have healthy, high-energy snacks on hand at all times; order favorite take-out foods; go to your favorite restaurants in town one last time before the move; reward yourself and your family members with special treats when you finish a moving task, etc. Good food will keep everyone’s energy and spirits up and will help reduce stress and fatigue. Also, it will bring your creativity in cooking in a better level because you will have to deal with what is at hand. So, go ahead and have fun.

Make moving day fun!

Moving day is stressful, chaotic, risky, and exhausting –anything but fun, but with a positive attitude and some forethought, however, you can still add some happiness and fun to the day and ensure your smooth and successful relocation process. It can be the culmination of a moving experience in a positive way. Bellow is some Intermove Bosnia ways that you can turn moving day in a fun way.

1.Making moving day less stressful – prepare well, ensure reliable help, take precautions to avoid potential risks, and don’t rush things. Keep your calm, stay optimistic, and be flexible – even if something doesn’t go according to plan, you can find an alternative solution. So, be flexibile and have fun.

2.Keep your sense of humor – a few jokes here and there will not only lighten the mood, but will also make your work more pleasant and more productive. So, tell a joke and have fun.

3.Have a fun trip to your new home – play music in the car, play road games with your family , visit attractions and historical sites along the way, visit with relatives and friends who live near your travel route, and have a great time. So, enjoy in your travel and have fun.

Have fun ways when unpacking and settling in !

The first impressions and memories of a new home should be filled with fun. So, regardless of how exhaustingthe moving process are, be sure to enjoy your first day in your new house or apartment. It is start of your new life, so make full use of it in a positive way.

1.Have an indoor picnic and – This is the best way to spend your first night at your new home, especially if you arrive a couple of days before your items. There will be a lot of empty space and you’ll have the unique chance to camp out in the living room, sleep in sleeping bags, and have a picnic on the floor! It will be quite a fun experience for everyone. Take the opportunity that the rooms are empty because once they are full you will never have that opportunity again – until the next move. So, tent away and have fun.

2.Hide little surprises in the boxes for your family members to find when unpacking – Put little surprises in some of the boxes while packing your items for moving – everyone will be excited to find the goodies and it will certainly motivate them to unpack quickly and carefully after the move. The best way you can do this is is to hide puzzle pieces in each of the moving boxes – by the time you and your family members find all the pieces, all the boxes will be unpacked. It’s fun and efficiency combined! And as an added bonus, you’ll all have fun putting the puzzle together. So, puzzle away and have fun.

3.Make a reward system to make thing more fun – Having something to look forward to will keep your motivation high and your spirits up during the laborious unpacking process. For that purpose you will need to promise yourself and your family members a reward for every completed major unpacking task like a meal at a fancy restaurant, a movie night, a visit to the beauty salon, a massage at the local spa, etc. So, reward on and have fun.

4.Have fun with the packing supplies – There will be a lot of packing materials scattered around your new home after you finish unpacking and they can offer hours of fun and entertainment fo you ! You can construct a box fort or a castle, a maze, a playhouse. You can also pop the bubbles of the bubble wrap, let your kids draw on the packing paper, or use the packing materials for various art and craft projects. Your imagination is your only limit. So, imagine and have fun.

5.Decorate your new home – Moving into a new home is the perfect chance to create your perfect home. So, unleash your inner designer and make your new place comfortable, cozy, and lovely by arranging your household items in a practical and elegant way, display your favorite artwork, try out bold decoration ideas, etc. Make your new place feel like home and make it reflect your personal style with the goal that your new home rflect who you are. So, be creative and have fun.

6.Throw a housewarming party – It’s the perfect way to wind down after the move and fill your new home with laughter by inviting friends and relatives, any friends you have in your new area, your new coworkers, and your new neighbors, play some cheerful music, serve some home-made specialties and a variety of light snacks, finger foods, and sweet treats, offer plenty of drinks, play fun games, and celebrate your new life. So, party on and have fun.

7.Explore your new surroundings – Walk around the neighborhood, locate key places in the area, find the local hotspots, talk to the people, and discover the secrets of your new area. This activities can prove to be both useful and fun. So, explore away and have fun.

Moving house can prove to be quite an adventure, but it’s up to you to make it  a fun and desirable adventure. And with good planning, good movers, and a little bit of creativity, that’s can be easily achievable. Also, with this Intermove Bosnia tips you will have memorable activities that will make your move so much easier and your new life so much desirable and interesting.

And remember always to have fun ! 

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