Tips on relaxing after your move !

Organizing a successful relocation from start to the end is a major achievement that takes a huge physical and emotional effort. Moving house is notorious for being one of the most difficult events. People who have ever engaged in relocating will agree that it’s one of the most challenging tasks in a lifetime. Because of that, it’s  normal that people feel the urge to de-stress and relax after difficult move. In this post Intermove Bosnia shares with zou our insight how to relax after your challenging relocation.

After all heavz lifting you are experiencing a huge relief now that you can finally catch your breath. Nothing compares to a feeling you get when you complete an extremely arduous and intense task. Although you had your doubts at the very beginning of the process, now you can be proud of yourself. You’ve gone through a lot of stress while making difficult decisions, multitasking and juggling demanding moving activities in a timely manner. Chances are the stress you’ve been subjected to has taken its toll.

But, in the end, you will realize that what really matters is that you and your belongings have reached your new home safely and successfully.
Although you might feel the urge to unpack everything immediately and finally settle into your new home, you should reconsider and make a new plan of action. 

 To be able to start your new life chapter on the right foot, you should take your time to decompress and relax after the move. By the time you reach your new home, you are likely to feel both exhausted. Therefore, it’s only normal to treat yourself after challenging moving experience.

Expectations after moving to a new home !

Moving to an unfamiliar environment may trigger sometimes expected emotional reactions. Culture shock will be one of the most important preoccupations to deal with when moving to a new country.
Although most people strive for stability and consistency, at some point many of them are faced with uncertainty caused by a household move. Moving away from everything you are comfortable with is anything but easy and you are likely to go through different phases when adjusting to the move.

The more you know about those stages, the better prepared you will be when some unsettling emotions appear. You are likely to experience an emotional roller-coaster when adjusting to your new surroundings. Depending on your personality, culture shock may come in the form of the following emotional reactions:

  1. irritability and anger
  2. physical pain and discomfort
  3. insomnia or oversleeping
  4. depression
  5. feelings of sadness or loneliness

While those emotional reactions may seem rather disturbing and discouraging, there are several things you can do to help yourself get through those challenging stages. That,s where we at Intermove are ready to help you with that with our useful tips that we collected during our long-term experience.

First of all, make sure to de-stress and revitalize after a day of heavy liftingin a way that you engage in activities that can help you relax. You’ve managed to overcome all moving difficulties and now you can commit to doing something that will help you beat stress, recharge your batteries and relax both your body and mind.

Rewarding yourself after a stressful household move !

Moving companies can help during the whole process is very valuable because they can give you moving guidelines and additional moving services so that your moving process can be as much easy as possible On the other hand do-it-yourselfe movers seem to have more responsibility and they have to invest even more effort and energy due to a lack of relevant experience.
That being said, let’s take a look at a handful of practical tips on how to relax after the move and get back on track as soon as possible.

Having successfully completed your household relocation, you have plenty of reasons to be proud of yourself. If you’ve moved to a new place without major hiccups, then without a doubt congratulations are in order. It will probably take a while before you completely recover from the event that triggered a great deal of stress. Although the major part of the relocation process is over, settling into a new home takes a lot of hard work too. However, you can tackle those tasks one by one at your own pace.

You can either start immediately or postpone them for a while – it’s completely up to you.
Take care of the top-priority tasks first and if you need a break make sure to take your time to re-energize. You’ve deserved to spend some low-key time after a hectic moving experience. Your body and mind will desperately crave some slower pace, so make sure to treat yourself to some relaxation shortly after the move. You will most definitely thank yourself later.

How to relax !

Focus yourself on your emotional and physical needs !

If your body is craving a break, do not ignore that inner requirements. It’s not easy to just stop for a while when you’ve been so busy for the last few weeks or months. However, you should find some time to relax after the move as it is for your own sake. Treat your body to a professional massage or take a long, relaxing bath with aromatherapy oils.

Importance of geting some sleep !

Rewarding yourself with a good night’s sleep is a great way to get ready for the adventures to come.

Try to cook !

Who has the time for cooking with all ongoing moving tasks? By preparing a delicious meal for the family, you will regain your life balance and familiarize with your new kitchen. Cooking itself can be relaxing, too. Alternatively, you can have dinner at a nice local restaurant. That’s a good opportunity to walk around the neighborhood and inspect the area.

Taking your dog out for a walk !

He will be thrilled and you will get some fresh air and clear your mind. It’s time to get to know your new neighborhood. Your pet was stressed out as much as you during the relocation process, so give your little friend a chance to adjust to the new environment. You can also check where some of the most important places of interest are – grocery store, pharmacy, pet shop, gas station

Indoor activities !

Get some popcorn and watch a good movie with your friends that will get you in a good mood. Also, listening to music will improve your day and make the tension go away. You can also read a nice book. Probably you didn’t have much time for reading during the past few weeks, so it is a perfect time to start now. What is better time for that then after a hard mining work.

Doing something fun outside !

It is proven that shopping can be one of the most efficient relaxation methods. For starters, buy some essentials for your new home. As soon as you make your new house feel like home, you will feel much happier. You are free to decorate your new home the way you’ve always wanted, so start creating your dream home and arranging it to your taste. Sports activities can be a great way to take your mind off moving-related problems. Go for a bike ride so as to maintain a good shape and reduce the amount of stress caused by moving.

Buy something special !

Buy something just for yourself, something that you have wanted to buy for a long time. Reward yourself because you’ve deserved it!

Celebrate your new beginning !

When your new home is ready it is suitable to  throw a housewarming party. Organizing some type of social activities may help you meet your new neighbors and gather your old friends and relatives. A housewarming party means that you have completed the move successfully, so now is time to be on the fun side of life.

We at Intermove Bosnia hope that these tips can help you on what you can do to relax after the move and recharge your batteries. Take care of your emotional and physical needs and stay healthy throughout the move. And more importantly, enjoy your new chapter in life!

Say no to stress and enjoy in your life !

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