Packing your medicine cabinet !

Packing for a move can be time-consuming, but if you want to do a right job, you should definitely tackle one room at a time. It’s a proven tactic that will help you pack your belongings systematically. But, sooner or later you will realize that some areas are more challenging to pack than others. If you’ve already packed up your living room and kitchen, you may find packing a bathroom a bit more different. When the time comes to pack your medicine cabinet, toiletries and a lot of breakable items you may actually realize how difficult  it is actually.

Packing and moving a bathroom is definitely more demanding than just boxing up all bathroom items and relocating them to your destination. The same sort-purge-pack strategy applies when packing this area too. For best results, you will have to start with the moving preparations early on.

What’s so difficult about packing a bathroom? First of all, certain bathroom items will be packed last, since you are going to use them up until moving day. Also, there are a lot of delicate items that could end up severely damaged if not handled properly.

Also, you should get proper leak-proof containers to pack liquids. Seems like a lot of work, but every step is highly logical. Sorting through your toiletries, bathroom accessories, cleaning supplies and linens takes time and good organization. Our Intermove Bosnia tips will help you set the stage for a successful packing and relocation.

What you should be aware when packing a bathroom !

The very first step to packing any room in the house is to take everything out and make an inventory list of your belongings. If you are like most people, chances are your drawers, cabinets and shelves contain a lot of unnecessary items. With a detailed inventory list, you’ll be able to figure out what’s worth moving and what should be disposed of. As it turns out, it could be disheartening to move old and unnecessary items only to toss them away immediately after you reach your new home. Thorough preparation in place may save you from additional headaches. And it will keep more money in your pocket as well since you won’t be spending it on packing supplies.

Discard any items that no longer serve you or can be easily replaced once you reach your new home. Almost used or expired products are certainly something to leave behind. It goes without saying that items you haven’t been using for a while shouldn’t be part of your new home’s layout.

For best packing results, use small to medium-sized boxes and specialty containers to secure your bathroom accessories that are traveling to your new place.

Ways of packing your medicine cabinet and toiletries !

Toiletries and medicine are bathroom essentials you are going to need before, during and after the move. Needless to say, your daily medications box, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and other essentials should be packed into an overnight bag. And you should take it all with you in your car so that you can reach it when necessary. When about to pack your medicine cabinet and toiletries, you should require basicpacking supplies that should be consist of:

  1. moving boxes,
  2. packing paper,
  3. zip-top bags,
  4. packing tape,
  5. markers.

You should always keep in mind this rule of thumb: dispose of expired medications or those that have illegible labels or have changed their appearance. Also, medications that seem ineffective are certainly not worth the hassle of moving. Throwing away or just flushing expired or unnecessary medicine would be an environmentally irresponsible behavior.

Instead, contact a local recycling center or a drug store to get more specific information about how to properly dispose of these products. Conducting an eco-friendly move should be the ultimate goal when going through this major life-changing event.

When it comes to toiletries, get rid of empty or almost empty bottles. Also, moving cheap products may not be worth the trouble, since you can easily buy the new ones after you move into a new place. Donate or give away still usable hair and body care and beauty products instead of cluttering up your new bathroom cabinets with them.

Your bathroom may contain some of the non-allowable items that your movers will refuse to transport. Make arrangements for cleaning supplies and other household chemicals that won’t be part of your movers’ load. If you make them safe for transport, you can pack them and relocate them in your own car.

Packing towels and linens !

Inspect your towels, bathroom rugs, and shower curtains to check their condition. It goes without saying that too worn out accessories should be left behind. Or use them to protect fragile items and to line the boxes for additional safety. Once you pack your medicine cabinet, make sure you pack heavier items first and lighter ones on top of them. Also, always place bottles upright so as to avoid leakage. By following a couple of simple safety measures you will keep potential risks under control and ensure a safe and hassle-free move.

And no matter how busy you are,  you always should know to keep medications and first aid supplies nearby and to transport them with you. In that manner you will have successful and stress-free relocation.

We, at Intermove, wish that you come through your move as unballasted as possible, and we are there for you so that you can achieve that goal.

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