How to move with a baby !

Moving with a crying infant can prove to be a impossible task. TTo make sure that you can survive your upcoming move, Intermove located in Sarajevo recommend that you plan all of your relocation steps and baby-proofing strategies in advance. That,s why Intermove have listed several important tips for you to take in consideration when moving with a baby or small child. If you are careful and have a smart planning you will have successful moving.

Talk about your upcoming move !

First of all make sure to talk to your child about the upcoming move. It must sound silly to you but older babies and toddlers can understand more than you can imagine. When you  talk to your infant or a small child, be sure that you use use small, simple words, and make that hole talk about moving sound like a fun and exciting adventure. Try reading a children’s book about moving, such as “The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day.” If you have a baby reading won,t help you, but instead do your best to remain calm during the moving process, as small children often pick up on their parents’ stressful emotions and can get uneasy about that.

Make a lists for your packing process !

Pack up non-essentials first – We as a experienced international moving and relocation company recommend packing the nursery – and all of your baby’s things – last. Non-essentials including extra toys, blankets, clothes, additional pacifier and anything else you won’t need on the actual moving day or immediate days after.

Box-up baby essentials to take with you – after boxing up your baby’s non-essentials, collect the important items in one or two separate boxes or bags. These should be the items you’ll need during the moving process, and will want to take with you. To make your packing easier, Intermove located in Sarajevo, BiH, has made for you a checklist of items to consider when boxing up your baby’s essential items:

  1. Diapers !
  2. Wet and dry wipes !
  3. Season clothing and pajamas !
  4. Some sort of pack ‘n play, high chair or bouncy seat to contain them for short periods of time !
  5. Security blanket or favorite stuffed animal !
  6. Few favorite toys !
  7. Breast pump and breast-feeding pillow !
  8. Formula food !
  9. Few snacks !
  10. Cooler if needed for breastmilk and formula !
  11. Sippy cups !
  12. Bottles !
  13. Additional pacifiers !
  14. Blanket !
  15. Stroller and carrier !
  16. Bath items !
  17. Car seat !
  18. Extra bags for dirty diapers and clothes !
  19. Medications you may need !
  20. First aid kit and thermometer !

Be sure to have plenty of additional bottles and snacks at all times. Keep your child as distracted as possible with whatever works for them: a new toy, activities, extra boxes to play with, or even an ipad with cartoons will do the trick. You can show how much fun he can have with playing with boxes.

Also, it is important to note thatthe nursery or child’s bedroom should be the very first thing you unpack when moving to your new home. Providing your child consistent space helps ease them into their new surroundings. For that purpose you can arrange furnityre in the same way as it was in the old hause or apartment.

Note safety concerns !

If you’re renting a van for a do it yourself relocation, there’s probably not a backseat for a  car seat. In that case just make sure someone you trust will be able to watch your baby while you drive the moving truck.

Also, you should note to keep potentially dangerous objects, such as scissors, cleaning supplies, and furniture with sharp edges, away from your child on moving day. If you’re planning to fly for your upcoming relocation, Intermove suggest reading up on the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) guidelines for traveling with children. The guidelines contain details on what items are allowed and not allowed on planes.

Enlist help

It is highly recommend for you to hire a babysitter, family member or friend to watch your baby during the move because you will need every pair of hands that you can get. Curious and restless toddlers are bound to be crawling all over the place which is very tricky when you have to deal with all chaos of the moving and relocation..

Therefore Intermove also recommend hiring movers or enlisting friends to help you move.. This way you can focus on your child – and not on that oversized couch stuck in the doorway. Enlisting movers will save you plenty of time, and will help keep your daily schedule of feedings, naps, and play times on track. Intermove has experience in all kind of relocation and we will be glad to help you save your sanity for your upcoming move which people think is difficult but for us it is a children game.

Maintain a routine !

While maintaining a strict napping and feeding schedule won’t be easy, try your best to keep the baby’s routine as normal as possible during the move. Consistency gives children a much-needed sense of security, which is important during the stressful moving process. Not to mention, keeping your baby on a schedule will also help the parents maintain their own peace of mind.

Baby-proof your destination !

The last tip that we want to share with you is to baby-proof your new home as soon as you can. Be sure to remove any potentially dangerous packing materials from the home. Intermove also recommend cleaning the home methodically before officially moving in. Bellow you can find some important suggestions about baby proofing your new home that include:

  1. Use child-resistant locks on drawers containing matches, lighters, knives and cleaning products !
  2. Use safety gates to block stairways and dangerous areas !
  3. Keep small objects like marbles, magnets, balloons and balls away from your children !
  4. Secure windows with window guards !
  5. Secure furniture !
  6. Install smoke detectors and carbon-monoxide alarms – make sure to change the batteries once a year !
  7. Be aware of cords on blinds and window treatments, and make sure to keep cribs away from these choking hazards !
  8. Cover electrical outlets with outlet covers !
  9. Make sure all medicine and prescription cabinets are secure and lock them..

With these Intermove advices you will be sure that you will build safe, secure and happy new surroundings for you and your child that you can call home.

Be safe and good luck to you and you sweet !

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