Moving to Zenica !

Zenica is located on the Bosna River, and is the fourth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is sometimes also known by the name “Bistua Nova”, which is the name given to the city by the Romans. Zenica is an important economic and transportation hub for the country, and has many attractions and sites which expats living in Zenica may want to visit. Some of the city's most popular attractions include the old town, named “Stara čaršija” and the Zenica Steel Factory. The city has a rich history. Zenica also offers plenty of opportunities for shopping and leisure, whilst the city's nightlife features a number of bars, clubs and live music venues. Plus, the city also boasts a number of restaurants which can offer any newly arrived expatriate in Zenica a taste of the local cuisine.

Zenica has a low cost of living compared to other major cities in Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital, Sarajevo. Expatriates moving to Zenica will find that there are a number of transport links connecting the city to other parts of the country as well as nearby locations in Europe. The city is approximately 70km north of Sarajevo, which is easily reached by road and rail and as such provides easy access to Sarajevo International Airport. The climate in Zenica tends to be mild, with regular rainfall throughout the year. There are a number of schools in the city as well as the University of Zenica offering opportunities for further education.

There are a number of opportunities across various industries in Zenica. Some of the most predominant industries present in the city include agriculture and manufacturing, which may provide an expat with work in these fields. Other areas where expats may find opportunities include in the retail, finance, education and healthcare sectors, as well as the possibility to commute to other areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina for work.

Zenica to newcomers offers many opportunities. You just have to know how to use them. And, also, Zenica is a very hospitable city where at residents you can learn about inclusion and relaxed life. Therefore, we at  Intermove recommend Zenica where you can enjoy the magic of the Balkans.

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