Moving humor!

Moving and relocation doesn,t always have to bee stressful and hard. That,s why Intermove located in Sarajevo, Bosnia, are glad to show you some humor pictures with the content of moving and relocation with the purpose to make you laugh, and to show you that you need to look on the bright side of life. We in Intermove are trying to conduct our business practices with this moto because the people are taking things too seriously these days, and life is for living not for worryng. So we advice you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this moving humor pictures.

“Attic or cellar?”
“Sometimes I wish you had taken that job in New York.”
Piano Movers: ‘I'd like to put in my too weak notice…’

That,s all folks!

Intermove Bosnia wish you happy and laughable moving and relocation!

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