Guide for packing glasses when moving !

Packing delicate and fragile items when moving  is rather different than packing clothes, or books for example. You have to follow some procedures for packing your fragile items to be sure that they won,t break up during your moving process.

Read and learn here in this Intermove Bosnia guide tips on how to pack your glasses for moving: from the sorting process and the required packing materials to the special packing tips and techniques that will keep your glassware protected and safe during the house move.

Supplie yourself with packing materials for packing glasses

It,s important to know that packing glassware must be done with the use of proper packing materials. The main idea is to make sure your kitchen glassware, including stemmed glassware and crystal glassware, will be sufficiently padded with the help of packing paper and bubble wrap, and then sufficiently shielded from any harmful external factors. It,s of most importance to secure them with proper packing care.

What to use for packing materials? Before you get down to packing glasses for a move, here are the packing supplies you will need to your fragile items..

  • Boxes for packing glasses. Kitchen glasses are best packed in cardboard boxes with thicker walls and sturdier cardboard. These are the same containers that are used for packing kitchen plates and are called dish boxes (aka dish barrels or dish packs). Basically, the thicker cardboard adds that extra protection for your glassware items.
  • Paper for packing glassesPacking glasses for a move is a delicate so you have to be sure that you purchase enough sheets of soft packing paper as the initial layer of protection for your breakables. Newsprint is NOT suitable for packing glasses – it tends to leave nasty ink stains – but you can still use newspapers to fill in any remaining space inside the boxes after they have been packed.
  • Bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will usually serve as a second layer of protection for your glassware, so you’re strongly recommended to use it in your packing process. Don’t worry if you purchase more bubble wrap than you end up needing for protecting your kitchen glasses because that famous plastic material will be in great demand throughout the home packing task.
  • Packing tape. Get a few rolls of good-quality packing tape to be able to reinforce the packing boxes, keep the wrapped-up glasses from unwrapping during the move, and seal the cardboard boxes the minute they get filled with protected glassware.
  • Markers. Prepare one single black marker or a set of colored marker pens for visibe labeling your pack once you’ve packed them.

Sort your glassware before packing!

It is most important to sort out your glassware pieces before  packing them because you will be sure about quantity of your glass items for moving and relocation.

Whenever you choose to pack items that have not been sorted out first, you run the risk of wasting more time for their safe packing, wasting more money for their transportation, and wasting mofe space for storing them in the new home. You will need to go through your collection of glassware and inspect each piece carefully before you’re ready to pack glasses in a box and then you will save both time and money for your moving.

 So, we recomend to go through your glasses and set aside any pieces that are not worth the time, money and space to be packed properly and then transported all the way to the new address. Such pieces include but at not limited to cracked, chipped, and stained glasse..

On the other hand, some slightly damaged glasses can happen to have sentimental value for you, so you may choose to take them with despite their apparent defects.

Ways to pack glasses for moving: a packing guide!

 Find in below text the best way to pack glasses when moving. This step by step moving guide will be helpful for you especially when you have to deal with delicate part of packing your belongings.

Reinforce. Use packing tape to reinforce the bottom of each cardboard box you plan to use. Do this even when you’re using brand new packing boxes, including specialized dish boxes.

This is just a precautionary measure, and skipping this step does not necessarily mean that any of the boxes will break, it only means that it might. Whyhy take a risk when you can stay secured on the safe side of things?

Insulate. Crumple a few sheets of newspaper and place it on the bottom of each dish box to create an insulation layer that should be able to absorb any big shocks or vibrations during transportation on your moving day. A few sheets of bubble wrap will also do a good job for forming a soft protective layer on the bottom of the box.

Lay it out. Take the stack of soft packing paper and lay them out on a flat surface, preferably the kitchen table. If the table is unavailable at that moment, then you can set up the temporary glassware packing station on the room floor. Make sure the paper for packing glasses is perfectly clean.

Wrap it up. Take a kitchen glass and position it in the very center of the stack of packing paper. Take two sheets from one corner and tuck them inside the glass piece, then do the same with the other corner that faces the open part of the glass. Finally, pull the opposite two paper corners over the glassware piece to cover completely the breakable item.

Tape it up. The moment you have formed a paper bundle out of the glassware piece, you will need to use a bit of tape to keep it all together during your transportation.

Gauge it up. When packing glasses for a move, it’s important to keep track of the value of the pieces you’re packing. If you’re protecting regular glasses (drinking glasses) that have no stems, then you won’t normally need to add bubble wrap as a final protective layer because of their cost. But, if you’re packing stemware for a moving (wine glasses) or the individual glasses have sentimental value for you, then you must use bubble wrap to make sure those valuable glasses reach the new home in one piece.

Bubble wrap it. To pack delicate stemware or pack valuable glasses for moving (usually crystal glassware), use bubble wrap for extra protection. For stemware pieces, place a thick piece of the bubbly material over the entire length of the stem, use tape to fix it in place, and finally cover the entire breakable item in one additional layer of bubble wrap that comes over the paper one.

Box it up. How you arrange the packed glasses into the cardboard boxes matters more in the wery great way. First of all, make sure the bottom of the box is well-insulated. Secondly, make sure you arrange the wrapped glass pieces tightly one next to the other, with minimum space between them. And finally, if you’re going for a second row after you’ve packed up the bottom one, place a few sheets of bubble wrap between the rows for additional insulation and padded protection.

 Pad it.  The best way for packing your glassware is the safest way, of course. Once you’ve arranged all the glassware into a box, use pieces of paper or sheets of bubble wrap you won’t need to fill in any spaces inside the moving container. The main reason for that is to immobilize the content of the cardboard box so that nothing shifts inside during the transportation.

Test it out. Also, for safe packing of your glassware you need to test the result of your packing efforts before you close the box. To do that, lift the box slightly off the ground and then shake it gently to get a feel of how well the glasses have been padded inside. Should you feel even the slightest movement inside the container, use more paper to fix it.

Seal it up. After that you need to close the flaps of the box but make sure the lid of the box can be shut comfortably without pressing too much on the breakable content inside. Use packing tape to seal the box containing all delicate glasses, and wine glasses, and crystal glasses – effectively, all the kitchen glasses you own and which you have decided to move to the new home’s kitchen.

Label it. When you’re ready packing a box full of breakable kitchen glasses, it’s time to label that box properly so that  it gets delivered to the kitchen in the new house or apartment, and whoever handles it understands that the content inside is fragile. Take your black marker and write KITCHEN GLASSES on at least 2 sides of each box, then mark HANDLE WITH CARE and FRAGILE either with the same black marker pen.

This advices describe the best way to pack glasses when moving house. Always remember to contact INTERMOVE Bosnia if you have any questions about packing your glasses, or simply to let us to do that important and delicate work for you so that you will be safe. Remember that professional packers will pack up all your glassware quickly and safely so you will save money and your stress with us.

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