Advices for those who is moving to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Here are a few tips for those who is moving to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. These tips you would find usefull as you accommodate to your new life in this unusual town and country because you are embarking to an adventure. Here it is, enjoy and good luck:

-If you're going with tram, arrive a earlier to the waiting spot because sometimes it tends to be late.

-Keep your belongings safe in tram from robbers. Keep it close to you because robbers are often exploiting the crowd in the public transportation.

-If an older person, mother with baby or pregnant woman comes in any transportation vehicle, offer your seat otherwise they will nag you or make a drama.

-Don't play loud music in your flat or somebody will report you and you have to deal with police.

-Coffee is the cheapist drink when going out because it is a most popular drink in the country. People are operating all day on nothing else.

-Traffic is horrible around 4–5 pm because people return from jobs and you are trapped for a few time when you are unlucky to fall in the traffic jam. So, if you could, you will have to leave from work a few minutes before 4 AM to avoid hell on earth.

-Wait for discounts in shopping stores, they can drop 50–70% because paying a full prace in the stores is a rip-off.

-Always carry an umbrella in Spring and Autumn (small prefered) because you newer know if you are going home wet or dry.

-Most people speak English and feel free to ask them, but don't expect a teen to know where is your bus stop or an elder where is that bar (or they know but they don,t won,t to be bothered with you)

-We're all in hurry here. Mondays are the worst, so have some patience with the mornings: arrive especially early wherever you should be otherwise you'll be late. And, as you go to the end of the week the days become more and more stress free.

-Trams usually break down and stop when there is no eletricity, so in those cases take the Centrotrans bus (goes from Ilidza to Vijecnica)

-Saturday is the day for going out and shopping, Sunday is for trips and preparing for work.

-When it is a national holiday people transform into a carrefree animals with all the time in the world which they use for drinking, eating and having a good time. But when it,s time to work they transform back into zombies.

Thats all folks.

Be carefull and,rock on.

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