How to survive moving and tell about it.


First of all there are two types of moves. There is the ‘I want to move to a new location’ or the ‘I have to move to a new location.’ Both moves require several hours, days, and even years of thoughtful and accurately planning.

Moving means change and change creates chaos.You can come through the experience of moving uplifted and excited and ready to explore the second phase of our relocation; meeting new people and greeting a new life.

One sentence best describes how our new home looked and felt to my daughters, “Mom, in 2 days you made our new home perfect. You even have live trees and fresh Orchids everywhere!”

Moving just came naturally for me. I was very adaptable to change as long as I have my loved ones with me.

Darlings, there is one key word to a successful move: Organization. I made a checklist and followed it ‘to a T’.

I started each move with an end goal in mind; my family’s happiness and in latter life as an empty nester, a contented husband. I wanted everyone under my roof to feel they were moving into a home; not a house.

Step by step moving using a moving company.

~ Ask your realtor for the architectural layout of your new home or apartment. This way you will know exactly what you are able to take and what you want to take from home to home.

~ Clean your house, darlings. Go through all your drawers, closets, shelves, and cabinets, and toss. Give to charity and or family members; Have a garage sale. Your goal is to be completely organized for the movers.

~ Use your architectural layout to decide on the furniture you are leaving behind. Give away to family, charity, or have a garage sale.

~ Call and hire a moving company or decide whether you are going to move yourself. I used American Van Lines. I got estimates from several companies before choosing American. Ask about insurance. Delivery date. Do your homework.

~ I think it pays to hire a mover, if you can afford the cost. We are older. It will make a stressful situation less stressful. The chance of damage to your valuables is small and you are covered by insurance if there is a problem.

~ I suggest having your movers pack everything. I did this when I moved across the Sea to Honolulu, Hawaii. I had no damage. Make sure YOU label each box with the room it is destined for and the description of the contents.

~ Don’t forget to file your change of address with the post office.

~ Set up your new phone numbers.

~ Notify your contact list.

~ What is fun and saves you time is to send out printed colorful postcards to your family and close friends with your new information.

This type of moving is much easier on one’s mind and body than our doing our own packing and carting. At our age darlings, if we can afford it, I think we deserve the help!

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