Preparing motorcycle for shiping !

You are king of the road when you are on your road cruiser no matter how big or small vehicle you own. That,s why it is wery important to take care of it especially when you plan to move for private or business reasons. Your master of the road must be secured and happy. That,s why preparations for transport when shipping your mechanical pets is one of the most important things to consider. The instructions and suggestions given below from our team in Intermove Bosnia will help you make sure that you go through this process without too much difficulty:

  1. First clean your motorcycle – make sure that you wash off any dirt or other smudges that cover your dear motorbike. This will make the following steps easier and save you any extra cleaning charges from the logistics company. Clean your vehicle thoroughly all over
  • Secondly take note of any scratches or damages – look around your motorcycle and document all the damages, even the little ones. This will help you make a claim in case of any damage during transport. Make sure that you inspect any part of your vehicle.
  • Thirdly make a record of any mechanical issues –Then it is important for you to know in what state your motorcycle, scooter or moped is in.
  • Fourthly take a lot of pictures – photograph all the damages you might find and make a photo documentation of every part of your motorcycle. Ensure that they are date stamped for further reference. That way you will be protected in further proceeding of your shipment.
  • Then remove all accessories and parts – Ensure to remove your motorcycle bags and any other decorative or safety accessories that are attached to your vehicle. Look at all the loose items around your motorbike and remove them if possible. They could get damaged if not packed separately and securely.
  • Finally drain the tank – make sure that there is not too much petrol in your tank but do not empty it completely. You might need to drive it off when it arrives at the destination. Also some amount of fuel must be in the tank because of need to drive the motorcycle on the transport vehicle and to drive it of  it

Be sure of your motorcycle insurance!

When shipping your motorcycle check the details of your insurance. It might cover any loss or damage during transport. Check if that also applies to accessories. If not, Intermove offers basic insurance for every transport while you should also consider choosing one of our extra insurance packages. Contact us if you need more information. Also, the insurance is not for our services which is proven for ours 20 years of experience, but for unexpected happening that might occur and that is not in our hands (they are in the hands of god). But your cruiser is, thank god, in your hands and you are his god.

Securing your motorcycle for transport!

The shipment of your motorcycle can be done in two different ways. If it fits in pallet dimensions, you can send it as freight. If that is not the case can prepare an special offer . A truck/van will be booked especially for you and a professional courier will load your items and secure them for proper and safe motorcycle transport.

If you decide to use a pallet for motorbike transport, make sure you follow the steps below given by Intermove Bosnia. These will help you ensure that your vehicle is not damaged during shipment and will provide a secure shipment that will not give you a headache.

  1. Firstly secure and fasten the wheels – if you can get a pallet with special cutouts for wheels, that is the best option. If not, make sure that you secure the wheels of your motorbike so that they cannot be moved during shipping.
  • Secondly use straps to mount your motorcycle – use at least two straps for additional safeguarding. One for the front of the motorcycle and one for the back. Preferably, they should be manufactured specifically for motorcycles because they are designed to be strong and to be able to bear a lot of weight. Otherwise, ensure that they are made from soft materials (not fro metal) not to scratch your motorbike body.
  • Thirdly pack up all the accessories – put them in a box and secure them so that they do not get damaged. Consider packing them with bubble wrap or soft cloth to ensure safe shipping. Use a cardboard box for easier transportation reasons.

Shipping a motorbike!

There are a few situations when you would need to transport a motorcycle or scooter domestically of internationally using a logistics company. To show you in what types of situations it might be beneficial to use a shipping service, we collected some of our previous customers’ suggestions.

  1. Holidays. Very often people want to travel abroad and spend time doing what they love – cruising. To save you the time on actually travelling on your motorcycle to your country of choice, you should consider relocation services.
  • Selling a motorcycle. When the buyer is from a different country, it could deter you from making the deal. It will help to know that you can ship the motorbike, shooter or moped abroad with our trusted relocation partners.
  • Moving abroad. When planning to settle down in a foreign country, you might be tempted to sell your favourite machine beforehand. That’s not necessary as Intermove can help you organize a cost-efficient way to take it with you and enjoy it in a different roads.

If you are still not sure how to ship a motorcycle, scooter or moped or have questions about any details, contact Intermove Bosnia experts. We will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions about services for shipping motorcycles. With us you will be happier to continue to use your road monster, and to keep on eating kilometers of road with it.

Keep on rolling.

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