Ways to move hanging clothes !

Packing clothes for a move is an essential step in any home moving process. Sooner or later, you’ll reach that point in time when you’ll have to pack up your clothes… unless, of course, you’ve hired professional movers to do that for you. It,s always better to hire moving company because with them you don,t have to worry about anything. You only have to worry about paycheck but that is far easier wory than to do hole process of moving by yoursef.

In this Intermove guedelines you will learn how to pack hanging clothes quickly, easily, and safely. And no one can be a smartass when they give you advice for moving because with this tips you will be an expert. So much so that Intermove can hire you for moving services. Paycheck is another issue 😊

Fosr starters there are two ways to pack clothes while on the hangers:  by using special wardrobe boxes and using trash bags. We are going to go through both clothes packing methods, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of each packing methods, and providing simple and easier steps to pack clothes on hangers.

How to pack hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes !

Wardrobe boxes are suitable for packing formal and designer clothes simply because they offer the best protection for the more expensive clothes you own – suits, dresses, jackets and other pieces of clothing you definitely don’t want to see ruined during the house move. In this way your clothes will stay uncreased and preserved like they are still in the closet.

Those special packing boxes for hanging clothes are designed to look and act like small closets. Like a life-sized wardrobe, the special-purpose boxes even have their own metal rods to hold the hangers that in turn hold the clothes wrinkle-free, protected, and easily accessible. You can pack some folded closet in the flor of those boxes just like you will done in an regular closet.

Advantages of using wardrobe boxes is perfect protection for your expensive clothes: no wrinkles, no dust, no damage of any kind. Also one of advantages is quick packing and unpacking as your clothes are transferred directly from your closet into those boxes.

On the other hand wardrobe boxes can be expensive. Also wardrobe boxes can take up space in your shipment. Those boxes will protect your valuable clothes like nothing else, but they are rather bulky and will take plenty of space inside the moving van.

Guedelines to pack hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes !

Once you secure the right number of wardrobe moving boxes, you must pack you hanging clothes in a few easy ways that will secure your items and keep protected. Intermove guarantee for that. We have over 20 years of experience to use you as a reference. Cross our heart and hope to die 😊

First of all assemble the wardrobe boxes.
Secondly place the metal rod in the openings on the top of the box, then press down until the bar clicks securely into its pre-designated place. Then you will have closed like box. Be ware than you don,t mix the two of them.

After that you should initiate the transfer process: place your hanging clothes on the rod without removing them from their respective hangers. Consider leaving enough space between the clothes to prevent possible wrinkles if you can. If not then pray that will clothes will come out with smallest wrinkels.

Then remove any dry cleaning bags because the plastic material could damage some of the clothes during the actual transportation. Why? The extreme heat in the back of the moving van may melt any plastic bags and ruin your expensive clothes.

After that it,s important that you do not pack empty hangers on the rod of the wardrobe box because this way you will waste precious space.

Row of men's suits hanging on the rack in one line

Then remember not to not place anything heavy on the bottoms of the wardrobe boxes because the latter are not designed to hold heavy items. Still, it’s okay to place really lightweight items on the bottom such us pillows in order to use up the packing space effectively. Remember that it,s not a good idea to sleep in the wardrobe box although it,s seem cool to you.

Then close the flaps of the wardrobe box when you’re done arranging your clothes, and seal the box with high-quality packing tape.
After that abel the box with its content and destination to facilitate the unpacking task upon arrival.

Also, it,s important to know that the ends of the metal rod will stay unprotected at the sides, so make sure you cover those two metal parts with tape to avoid injuries if you’re moving the wardrobe boxes by yourself.

In conclusion the wardrobe boxes can be expensive but they are usually well worth the investment. Purchase such special cardboard boxes online or directly from Intermove Bosnia and we will be glad to help you. We might even convice you to let us done the hole relocation process at your pleasure. We will sweat and you will be in heaven.

How to pack hanging clothes with trash bags !

 If you’re moving on a budget (we are all do it on the budget), then it’s only normal that you’ll want to save as much as possible on your move. In such a case, you won’t be willing to spend money to purchase costly wardrobe boxes. In that case there’s an alternative packing method that is often viewed as a packing trick, or even a hack – to pack clothes in garbage bags.

Advantage of garbage bags are that they are super inexpensive and that they will take less space inside the moving truck. Also, packing hanging clothes in trash bags is super quick and easy.

And disadvantages of using garbage bags is that they offer much less protection than wardrobe boxes. Also, trash bags tear easily and may expose your clothes to dust, dirt, and moisture.
Bellow is some useful ways how to pack your clothes in the trash bags.

First of all collect clean extra-strength garbage bags from the local store or borrow it from a friend (but don,t ask him for help for your move, that is a different issue😊)

Then use a cable tie or a rubber band to tie together several hangers while the clothes are still on them
After that poke a hole in the bottom of a trash bag, pull that bag over a pre-tied group of hanging clothes until you get the metal hooks through the hole.

Then secure the loose end of the trash bag at the bottom. The clothes should not be hanging from the bottom of the garbage bag. There are a couple of things you can do: 1) Get a larger trash bag that will cover the entire length of your clothes, then use tape to close the bag bottom, or 2) Stuff your clothes into the bag and then close up the bottom using tape so that your clothes are 100% protected from dust, dirt or moisture.

Your choice of how to pack hanging clothes when moving will depend on the type of clothes you own, the time you have to pack up your garments, and your current financial situation. As a rule of thumb, packing up your clothes by yourself will enable you to save money. However, insufficient time until Moving day may force you to resort to hiring professional packing services. Then Intermove step in. We will deal with your shipment that her don,t even will know what hit her.

Enjoy, and keep on moving.

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