Moving to Banja Luka!

Banja Luka is one of the largest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it has around 300.000 citizens. It is the capital of one administrative entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Here are a few facts about Banja Luka if you are planing to move and relocate to Banja Luka.


Since Banja Luka is not a huge city, the traffic jams aren’t really an issue. Even during the biggest jams you can get from one part of the city to another in less than half an hour.

There are public transportation services provided by several different companies. There are no trams, so your only options are taxis and buses.

Roads are not in a good condition, and that’s really a problem in this whole country. A lot of holes you have to evade so you must be careful but it is interesting to drive in those roads.


The trademark of are ćevapi, and there are many restaurants who serve them.

Other than that, there are several high quality restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries. You will be able to find something that you like.


Since Banja Luka is the biggest city, it has the biggest choice of schools. You can find numerous high schools for pretty much anything, as well as big number of state and private colleges.

The schools are admittedly not in a great shape, however the teachers are trying hard to spread the knowledge. If you have the will to learn and work, they will assist you.


Banja Luka has a lot of cafés and places to go out. There are several night clubs if you are into that thing. Also Banja Luka have several theatres and one cinema, which shows the latest movies from the industry. There are sports clubs for pretty much anything, although there’s not much money in professional sport here.

Banja Luka has a big park where you can run, walk, exercise, relax or play tennis. There is also Kastel fortress, built a long time ago.

If you are into adrenaline, we have parachuting club, as well as rafting clubs. Vrbas is a fast river, which makes it perfect for rafting.

Throught the year there are several musical festivals, as well as concerts from famous artists from the balkan region.


Banja Luka is generally a safe city. I very often walk alone in night time and I don’t feel threatened. Mind your own business and no one will hurt you.


The prices are generally the same as in other parts of the country. Some services, such as public transportation are ridiculously expensive compared to the quality they offer. Generally, both family members need to work in order to live a semi comfy life. One good salary could do, but then you are just surviving.

Job opportunities

I think there is a good chance to find a job in Banja Luka, especially if you have a university degree. Working hard will pay off, and there are opportunities to make a good career. Some companies offer a relocation and moving package in their job offers.

Engineering positions are very much needed, so anyone with a degree or work experience will very easily find an adequate job.

We recomend it !

 Banja Luka is not too small, but also not too large and because of that it makes her a ideal city for life without hell traffic crowds and without rural ways of living. There are better opportunities here than in some rural areas and you will acomode to the life in Banja Luka wery fast and learn to love it because life in Banja Luka is easy going.

So when you made a choice to move contact INTERMOVE and we will do the rest.

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