"The art of moving since 1996"
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Moving can't be more easy!


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Why move with Intermove?

We have been helping families move since 1996.
Since then we have relocated thousands happy families to just about every location imaginable.

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"The art of moving since 1996"

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Long and shor term storage!


Preparation for International Relocation

Preparation for International moving is one of the most vital aspects to a successful relocation. Moving can be a complicated process, a s you are trading in your old environment for a new one. For this reason, Intermove provides you short guide for completing the necessary aspects of international move preparation.


Our expert crews will do everything they can to make sure your moving is a complete success. To help our crew in the moving process, you can begin by sorting your belongings. You can help your Intermove crew by setting aside items that need to go into storage, need to be packed last or those items which will remain in your home.

Delivery and Unpacking

At Intermove relocation we pride ourselves on our oustanding destination service. As soon as your household reaches Sarajevo, your belongings will be professionally unloaded with the care and attention to detail with which they were loaded. Our expert crew know that shipments going through international moving require extra care due to the more rigorous transport.

Moving was never easier!

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