Preparation for International moving is one of the most vital aspects to a successful relocation. Moving can be a complicated process, as you are trading in your old environment for a new one. For this reason, Intermove provides you with a short guide for completing the necessary aspects of international move preparation.

Pre Move Survey.

To begin the international moving preparation process, our moving specialist will come to your home to explain the many services that Intermove offers. After that, the moving specialist will perform a survey of everything in your home that will be moved – pointing items that might require special attention, such as painting, a grandfather clock or wine collection.

Your estimate will be based on the volume of goods to be shipped and or the volume and weight of goods to be air-freighted. Accurate estimating depends on the level of detail given to the relocation consultant during this part of the international move preparation process. The more accurate the details, the more accurate the estimate.

What can you do to help?
Make sure that all items are shown in detail, including contents of drawers, cupboards, attics and garages. Items that are not currently at your home should be described accurately. If you are planning to make new purchases that will need to be included in the move, be sure to tell us during the survey.

Storage needs.

You may decide to store some of your items in our warehouse. Storage is a cost-effective solution, particularly if you have to limit your shipment size if you are renting your home out while you are away or are moving into temporary accommodation or hotel prior to finding permanent accommodation. Make sure to advise your moving specialist of any storage needs you may have.


Proper documentation is increasingly important due to heightened security requirements. You can rely on your Coordinator to guide you through the process of identifying and completing the appropriate paperwork for Origin and Destination service. Don’t delay as documentation is a critical part of the international move preparation process and late receipt may delay your shipment.

After completing the international move preparation process, you will be better equipped for the demands of your overseas relocation. Preparing for an international move is of dire importance, as the best-laid plans will result in the most successful international moving experience.