Our highest priority during international or local moving is to ensure that you have a smooth transition to your new home – no matter where that might be.

Whther you’re moving from Bosnia and Herzegovina to United States, from Australia, to Bosnia and Herzegovina, or within Bosnia and Herzegovina let Intermove help you relax. After all, that’s been our goal with every moving experience we’ve menaged.

Intermove has ability to relocate you anywhere, anytime.

There is not an international or local moving concer we cannot expertly manage. The very nature of today’s moving, means that you need to rely on highly skilled packers and personnel to carry out your move.

Using expertise, dexterity and lots of extra care and attention, our packers have been trained to use specific international packing methods and materials that will protect your prized possessions during every phase of the move.

Cartons are double-and even triple walled

All of your furniture is carefully wrapped and padded to ensure maximum protection

Your personal belongings are expertly packed into cartons with particular care given to delicate articles.

Additional protection is provided with wooden crates, acid-free tissue, smooth and gentle paper, bubble-wrap.